MA Complete Notes Guess Papers & Past Papers

MA Notes Guess Papers & Past Papers


MA MSc Complete Notes

1- MA English Literature Notes

2- Microeconomics Notes

3- MSc Physics Classical Mechanics Notes

4- MA International Relations Notes

5- MA Urdu Notes

6- MSc Mathematics Notes

7- MA English First Year Syllabus 2018

8- MA English Part 2 Syllabus

MA MSc Complete Guess Papers

MA MSc Complete Past Papers

Education is most necessary to survive in this world & this is also the fact that’s not an easy job to give half life to just education. Apart from, to get success in this competitive world is also not an easy job. Anyways, we are sharing educational data for our students which are basically not our future but our country’s future in coming developed age. Educational Data includes Books, Guess Papers, Past Papers and in form of Notes which is compiled by PK Planet in 3 Years. Programs of professional retraining are thus less regulated than higher education programs and, paradoxically, in the final analysis are more creative in terms of their development and implementation.

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High school students, starting from the 10th grade, as well as university students, should be transferred to a distance form of education. These children are already old enough to understand the importance of getting an education and the need to make an effort for this.

For the rest of the children, it is necessary to provide a choice – either switch to a distance format, or maintain the traditional form of education.

We all observe, evaluate, interpret or take a direct active part in the lives of our acquaintances, relatives, friends, and even completely “outsiders” people. Everyone, when observing a specific situation, “automatically” triggers a certain motivating, powerful impulse that tells us – we need help. And we don’t even argue with him, we don’t find out what and how and what’s what, but we just do what is necessary. The source of this – conscience – accompanies and protects us throughout our journey: it does not impose, does not order, does not force, but helps to tune in to the “right frequency”. This happens simply, clearly and accessible: the main thing is to be able to “hear” and “listen”, on the basis of which it is already much easier to think correctly and, in accordance with this, to act reasonably.

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