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Mary Mouser Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Mary Mouser Age Biography

Mary Mouser Age Biography: Mary Matilyn Mouser is a wonderful American actor, and her age and biography are shown here. Her role on the ABC arrangement Body of Proof brought her the greatest attention and popularity.

Mary Mouser Age

Her birthday is May 9th, 1996, and she was born in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, in the United States.

Mary Mouser Family:

She is related to Aaron Parker Mouser and Laura Ashley Mouser, both of whom are also working actors in the entertainment world.

Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index Stats, Career:

She started her career when she was only five years old and was chosen to be a picture double for the role played by Abigail Breslin in the movie Signs. She was featured in the Starz Kids & Family show Eloise: The Animated Series as the voice of Eloise, and she also appeared as the child protagonist in the independent film A Stranger’s Heart. Both of these roles brought her a lot of attention. In addition to that, she worked as a voice actor in the audio dramatisation series Adventures in Odyssey. Her character, Samantha McKay, the younger sister of Grady McKay, appeared in the series.

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She has also appeared on the television programme CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a guest star in recurring roles. Lacey Fleming, the young version of Dana Delany’s character, was played by Mouser in the clinical dramatisation Body of Proof, which aired on ABC. In the film Frenemies, which was released in 2012, Mouser gave performances as both Savannah O’Neal and Emma Reynolds. She is now appearing in an episode of Cobra Kai, which can be seen on Netflix.

Mary Mouser Movies List:

Pom Poko (2005) (Additional Voices)
Son of the Mask (2005), Tarzan II (2005), and Advent Children (2005) all had actors providing their voices (Additional voices)
Best Wishes for Christmas (2006) (Lill) Mr. Fix-It is Here! (2006) The author is Christine Pastore.
LA Blues (2007) (Sara) Penny Dreadful (2007) (Written by Clara Fowler)
Delgo (2008) (Baby Delgo) Dragon Hunters (2008) (voice) Ball Don’t Lie (2008) (voice) (2008) (voice) The Hole Bride Wars (2009) (Julia) Bride Wars (2009) (Annie) All Kids Count (2011) (Carla) Medeas (2014) Field of Lost Shoes, written by (Ruth) (2014) (According to Libby Clinedinst)
Without a Trace may be seen on television (2004) Scrubs (Amy Rose) in and out (2005) (Little Girl) Monk (2005) (Princess Girl) Totally unbelievable (2005) (Kylie) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2005) (Cassie McBride)
The monarch of all kings (2005) (Kelly Gibbs) Mindy and Brenda (2006) (Marissa) NCIS (2005-2012) (Young Girl)
The animated series starring Eloise (2006-2007) (Ashley Petrovsky) Life Is Wild (2007) (Eloise) A Stranger’s Heart (2007) (Cricket) State of Mind (2007) (2007-2008) (Mia Weller) Life (2008) (Carin Sutter) Lie to Me (2009) (Tyler Seeger) Chowder (2009-2010) (Marmalade / Ambrosia) Ghost Whisperer (2010) (Madison) Body of Proof (2011-13) (Lacey Fleming) Frenemies (2012) (Emma / Savannah) Drop Dead Diva (2013) (Marmalade / Ambrosia) Drop Dead Diva (2013) (Marmalade / Ambrosia) Drop Dead Diva (2013) (Marmalade (2012) (Chloe Surnow) The Fosters are in the house! (2013-15) Scandal is a 2014 television show starring Sarah (St. Francis) and Kimberly Quinlan (Scandal) (2014) (Karen Grant)
The show Criminal Minds (2014) (Compiled by Rebecca Farland)
Maron (2015) (2015) (Sydney Maron)
The Demon You Are Familiar With (2015) (Earth Fenn) CSI: Cyber (2015) (Written by Shelby Lockhart)
Freakish (2016) (2016) The Scorpion (Mary Jones) (2017) (Ada Mouser) Cobra Kai (2018-present) (Submitted by Samantha LaRusso)
Joyous Cohabitation (2018) (Diane)
Room 104 (2019) (2019) (Adrianne / Lisa)
Awards Considered for: Those Awarded to Young Artists

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Mary Mouser Net Worth

Mary Mouser has a net worth that is around $2 Million dollars. As a result of her work in the field, she came into possession of this income.

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Mary Mouser Age Biography
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