Matric Pakistan Studies Guess Paper 2022 Lahore Board

Matric Pakistan Studies Guess

Short Questions

Chap 6(1,3,5,8,9)

Chap 5(2,3,6,7)

Chap 8(1,2,4,6,7)

Chap 7(1,3,5,7,9)

Long Question

Chap 6(1,4,)


Chap 8 (5,1)

Chap 7(1,9)

MCQs from exerci

Guess paper of pak studies









Pak Studies 10th Guess Paper

SHORT Question

  • Chptr=5 Q#1,2,5,6,8.
  • Chp6=Q#1,3 ,5,6,8,9
  • Chp7 Q#3,4,5 ,7,9.
  • Chp.8 Q#1,2,3,5,6,7.

LONG Question

  • Chp.7 Q#1,4,5,9.
  • Chp.8 Q#1,2,3,5
  • Chp.5 Q#3,5,7.
  • Chp.6 Q#1,4,6,12.

10th Class Pak Study Guess Paper

The quality of education

The legislation established that citizens of the Russian Federation are guaranteed the receipt of education in educational institutions within the framework of state standards, educational programs that determine the content of education of a certain level and direction.

Currently, the requirements for the quality of education are increasing, and this is due, in particular, to the entry of our country into the Bologna process and the World Trade Organization. Modern higher school is unthinkable without a combination of the educational process and research work, without creating a mechanism for the most rapid implementation of innovative scientific developments in the educational process.

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Studies conducted in our country, polls often state that the content and technology of the educational process do not meet the modern requirements of society and economic sectors.





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