10th Matric Class Pakistan Studies Guess Paper 2022

10th Pakistan Studies Guess Paper


Short Questions

Chap 6(1,3,5,8,9)

Chap 5(2,3,6,7)

Chap 8(1,2,4,6,7)

Chap 7(1,3,5,7,9)

Long Question

Chap 6(1,4,)


Chap 8 (5,1)

Chap 7(1,9)

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Pakistan Studies Complete Guess Papers for Matric


There is an object that is represented in physical reality. Any system is an object in the real world. Often when asked to show a system, they point to such a physical object.

Any system has a definition of behavior, that is, the system is not just an object, but the behavior of this object is important. Someone needs this behavior, and then they say that a certain function is required from the system. The car has a function – movement. The function is inseparable from the system, but this is a different way of looking at the system than looking at the system as an object. It is important to be able to discuss the system-object and the function of the system.

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When the behavior of a system is understood, we can name the system. And then the system has a so-called functional name. When it is important for us to talk not just about an object, but about its behavior, then the concept of a functional object is introduced for this. The functional object is the third consideration of the system, which is different from the physical object and behavior (function).

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