Most Beautiful University in the World

Most Beautiful University in the World

Where to go to study? Learning is the process of learning the truth. And inspiration is a special state of “useful” obsession with truth, when “knowing” is really important and interesting. And in order to maintain research passion, curiosity and interest until the end of your studies, we suggest you combine study and inspiration. To do this, we have prepared the TOP 10 most beautiful universities in the world.

The title of the first higher educational institution in the world is shared by two universities: Constantinople, which was reformed into a university from a higher school in 855 or a year later, and al-Karauni in 859 in Morocco. A slight confusion in dates is the cause of disputes – which of them was still the first basics. The architecture and appearance of these universities were a reflection of the time – the stately columns of Constantinople, frescoes and mosaics of Morocco. The solidity of buildings and high-quality finishing details gave students a sense of the importance of the educational process, the significance of the education received, and allowed them to feel “special”.

Today, students are not much different from those young and hot-hearted 11th and 12th centuries, and they also want to be special. The most beautiful universities in the world – this is a list of many more than 10 universities, here we only lift the veil of the creative underside of the bewitching world of knowledge.
10 most beautiful universities in the world

Trinity College, Dublin, 1592
most beautiful universities in the world
Trinity College, Dublin, 1592
Despite the name “college”, which is associated for the population with secondary specialized education, it is one of the most prestigious universities in Britain and Ireland. It occupies an area of ​​19 hectares. The most important feature of the college is considered to be a large baroque library – vaulted ceilings, arched passages, warm natural colors and thousands of book volumes that keep their secrets.
Chernivtsi National University. Y. Fedkovich, 1875
This is the realm of symmetry, precision and thoughtfulness of every detail. The building style is Gothic, Byzantine and Oriental, mixed in an amazing cocktail of static beauty. There is an arboretum on the territory of the university. It may not be the brightest and most beautiful university in the world, but potential mathematicians and artists will definitely appreciate its symmetrical aesthetics.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1861
most beautiful universities in the world
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This is not just an educational institution for the production of conveyor specialists, it is a research center and one of the leading technical universities in the United States. Located in the city of Cambridge. Includes beautiful ultra-modern buildings, reminiscent of the cities of the future, in which the basic laws of physics do not matter. One of the world’s most expensive ($315 million) centers for computer, information and intellectual sciences is located here. This is the world’s most beautiful practical base for training computer geniuses.

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Most Beautiful University in the World

University of Chicago, 1857
beautiful universities in the world

University of Chicago
The history of the development of this university is interesting in itself, and can keep many secrets, because in 1890 John Rockefeller himself, the first dollar billionaire in history, became interested in him. Thanks to him, rare copies of books are collected in the library of the educational institution, and the campus buildings are a picturesque example of Chicago architecture of that time. In addition, one of the buildings is a real refrigerator, resembling a giant piece of ice glass. It is an art object and serves as an air conditioning center for the entire university. Therefore, the university is not only among the most beautiful in the world, but also the most original. Among the graduates of the university there are 89 Nobel Prize winners. Not bad statistics, right?

University of Bologna, 1088

One of the oldest and most beautiful universities in the world, which was born from a law school, went through its heyday, retained traces of the work of Raphael and Titian, was the first to practice equality among students and teachers and turned into the modern largest university in Italy. Training takes place in the areas of most modern professions and includes 273 European programs.

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US Air Force Academy, 1954
beautiful universities in the world

One of the buildings of the US Air Force Academy
Perhaps the youngest educational institution on the list. But also one of the most famous as a tourist attraction. And if museums are located on the territory of the University of Bologna, then in the case of the Air Force, the academy itself is a museum. The most beautiful military university in the world. The main building is designed to showcase the power of the US military and inspire cadets. It resembles an airplane wing made of glass spikes. Up to 500 thousand tourists come to see this building every year. Impressive, right?

Moscow State University, 1755

Maybe for someone the presence of this university in the list is surprising. However, for those who do not know him closely, something else will be surprising. In addition to the fact that Moscow State University is the most beautiful and prestigious university, the main building of the institution reaches 240 meters with a spire and is still considered the tallest building in the capital. This is one of the seven Stalinist skyscrapers, over the years of its existence has acquired many legends. The minds of students are especially excited by the mysterious basement (some even suggest that a nuclear reactor was once located there), and gloomy voices of unknown origin. What is the cause of mysticism in the place of concentration of knowledge is unknown. To find out for sure, you need to act and study the issue yourself.

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Cornell or Cornell University, 1865
most beautiful universities in the world

Cornell University
The educational institution is included in the Ivy League, which today is synonymous with prestigious and quality education. Its beauty lies in the amazing combination of a variety of styles. Among the buildings of the university there are those made in a strict Gothic style, neoclassical, Victorian and others. This correct eclecticism gives the entire learning process the spirit of well-organized freedom. The university can rightly be called the most beautiful eclectic building in the world.

University of Toronto, 1827
Whoever watched the tale of the famous boy-who-survived dreamed of being within the walls of a mysterious and beautiful magical academy for at least a minute. The University of Toronto is not where the movie was filmed, but it is very reminiscent of Hogwarts in style. Tourists-connoisseurs of the Gothic and the Victorian era also think so and often visit the walls of this institution just to admire the structure. We advise you to look at one of the most beautiful and atmospheric universities in the world, at least in the pictures.

Yale, 1701
Another representative of the American Ivy League and one of the most beautiful universities in the world. 439 buildings, 4,000 highly qualified teachers, students from 110 countries of the world and the regular presence of the university in the world rankings of educational institutions. Each building is a tribute to art and the understanding that a student should be comfortable and interested in learning.

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