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Mujhe Apne Roop Ki Dhoop Do by Afshan Afridi Read Online

Mujhe Apne Roop Ki Dhoop Do

This is one of the best piece of Mujhe Apne Roop Ki Dhoop Do From the collection of or Written by Afshan Afridi It have 21 (Twenty One Only) Pages.

How to take control of your time for reading
But it is rare when we consciously choose our occupation based on personal priorities. At best, we spend a couple of minutes in order to plan things out, and if we are lucky, we do not forget about the plan during the day. Usually we choose an activity at the subconscious level: we spontaneously decide to go shopping, sleep. Sometimes we spend time solving problems, such as finding a job.

But whatever choice we make, it has a price similar to money. If we spent one hundred rubles for lunch, then we will not be able to spend it on something else. So it is with time. If you choose to exercise, you won’t have enough time for movies, reading or cleaning.

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