Munafiqat Aur Us Ki Alamaat By Dr. Muhammad Tahir Alqadri

Munafiqat Aur Us Ki Alamaat

The name of the book is “Munafiqat aur us ki alamaat”. Muhammad Tahir Alqadri. This book provides Islamic information on dissimulation, insincerity in Urdu. If a school student needs to improve the level of knowledge, then a specialist should be chosen from the position of ability to explain the material in an accessible way. It could even be a regular school teacher or a physics student. The main thing is that he can find an approach to the child, since they begin to teach physics from the 7th grade, and this is the adolescent period, when there is almost no motivation. You should not stop your choice on a professor, because his studies may be too abstruse for a student.

The book is in the following format:


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