What are Non Magnetic Substances

What are Non Magnetic Substances


Substances that are neither attracted nor repelled by a magnet are called non-magnetic substances. Examples are wood, glass and paper.


Mariam Mirzakhani is a Stanford University mathematician who recently won the Fields Prize, the highest honor in mathematics. This amazing woman studies hyperbolic spaces and recently developed a theory that received the status of the theory of the decade. Articles about Mariam’s work always feature photographs of her sketching ideas on a large piece of paper on the kitchen table, because almost all of Mariam’s work is visual. Not so long ago I was the chairman of the commission for the defense of a doctoral dissertation of one of Mariam’s students. This is the final exam for doctoral students: they defend the work on which they have been working for several years in front of the professors who are members of the special commission. I was interested in how the defense of the dissertation, on which I was to perform the functions of the chairman of the commission, would go.

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