What is the Theme of the Story Tell Tale Heart & Summary

The Tell Tale Heart Summary


The tell tale heart is a tale of horror. It reflects psychology of a killer.


He kills an old man just because he does not like the old man’s vulture-like eye. The reason is not sound enough for a murder. But the murderer is not a mad man. He commits the murder concisely and very methodically. He goes to the old man’s house around midnight with a muffled light. He pushes the bedroom door open just a little and finds the man in his bed.


The old man wakes up. The killer waits few minutes. Then he again peeps in and finds the old man lying awake. He looks at the old man’s vulture eye with disgust and bursts in. He pulls the old man off his bed and overturns the heavy bed on him. In this way he smothers( ) the old man to death. Then he chops the dead body into pieces and conceals the pieces under the wooden boards of the floor.

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Just then three policemen enter the house. They ask questions about a cry that was heard in the street. It came from the old man’s house. The killer tells them that it might have been his own cry in a dream. He says the old man was not at home and he had left him (the killer) to look after the house. He said he slept in the house.


Then suddenly the killer‟s fear of detection gets the better of him, He hears the old man’s heart beating loudly under the floor. The fear goes on growing rapidly till the killer cries out in confession, declaring that he has killed the old man. He is arrested and taken away .The story ends on a note of horror.



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