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Prayers Times in Lahore / Salat Namaz Timing Lahore Fajr Zuhr Asr

Lahore Pakistan
Wednesday, 17th July, 2024
Fajr3:30 AM
Sunrise5:10 AM
Zuhr12:14 PM
Asr5:11 PM
Magrib7:18 PM
Isha8:57 PM

Namaz / Prayers Times in Lahore

Are you looking for the prayers times / salat timings in lahore or namaz timings in lahore or If yes then you have reached actually on the right place for the prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore or even for Salat timings in lahore. The shared prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore calculation / verification method is university of islamic sciences karachi. Apart from, the Latitude is 31.5497 and Longitude is 74.3436 for these prayers timings. Anyways, let’s take a look the prayers times in lahore or Salat timings in lahore



Namaz is one of the pillars of Islam, through which a person communicates between himself and Almighty Allah. As the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, prayer is truly the best of all human deeds. Namaz is a ritual sequence of certain body movements and the reading of short or long prayer formulas with the mention of the name of the Lord, the reading of verses (verses) from the Holy Book of Allah, the Quran. Namaz is not just the recitation of a prayer, but a whole rite or a set of actions, which includes bows of the worshiper, turns of the head and a special arrangement of his hands. In Muslim families, children are taught to perform namaz correctly from birth, and if a person converted to Islam already at a fairly mature age, then he should also learn how to perform namaz correctly prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore.

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During prayer, a Muslim internally mentally concentrates on what is said in the prayer, as well as on his connection with Allah, because our Lord Allah watches over Muslims during prayer. Islamic prayers in prayer should be performed correctly. They must be read in Arabic, in the language in which the Revelation was sent down. When a Muslim performs namaz, he strengthens his own faith in the Lord, copes with earthly temptations, and cleanses his soul from the sins that he has already committed, and protects him from those sins that he can still commit in the future. prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore

Namaz should be read five times a day, and this helps a Muslim to strengthen his faith in Allah, cleanse himself of sins committed earlier, protect himself from those sins that a person can commit in the future, live with the name of the Lord in his heart. As stated in the hadith, on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask a person first of all about whether he performed prayers on time. Five daily prayers must be performed at a certain time interval: at dawn, fajr (morning prayer) is read, zuhr is read in the middle of the day, asr is read in the evening, then maghrib is read at sunset and isha at dusk prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore. Based on this routine, the daily routine of the believer, the rhythm of Muslim life, is formed. prayers times in lahore or namaz timings in lahore

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