Prize Bond List Of 1500 Held At Lahore On 15-5-2017

Prize Bond List Of 1500

Lahore (Monday, May 15, 2017): The central directorate of National savings of Pakistan is to organize the Prize Bond List Of 1500 Draw No.70 List Result 15th May 2017 that ill held at Lahore today. The draw No. 70 of Fifteen Hundred 1500 Prize bond full list & result 15.5.2017 Lahore will be updated on

You can download Prize bond 1500 list 2017 of official website also. Presently the season of cheerful for basic man on the grounds that the managerial experts is chosen the prizes money is expanding for them in a days and they was readied the beneficial arrangement for the extraordinarily poor populace of our Pakistan. The availability of National Savings Rs.1500 Prize Bond 70th Draw List 15.05.2017 Held at Lahore is at 5:00 for full list.

They was outlined the spectacular framework to gave the millions cold hard cash to the general population with just basic approach to sorted out by our administration officers and furthermore the govt. is picked up the part of benefit with them. You see and hold up on the grounds that the ranch is early is presented the most recent venture and redesigning the old form of bonds. The online Rs. 1500 Prize Bond Result List Draw #70 on 15th May 2017 Lahore. Today the two prize bond draws 100 and 1500 are holding in the diverse two urban areas of Lahore and Quetta on same time and date of 15.05.2017 when everyone is checking their prize bonds on the web and downloading the all rundowns in their page effortlessly with no cost.

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HELD AT Lahore
Draw No. 70th

Series: Common Draw

Date: 15/05/2017
First Prize of Rs. 3,000,000/-
Second Prize of Rs.1,000,000/- Each.
160416 227621 464325
Third Pprize
1,696 PRIZES OF Rs.18,500/- EACH

For complete prize bond list of 100 you can visit this online link below:

1500 Prize Bond List 15 May 2017

Or you can view the complete Prize Bond List Of 1500 of 15 May 2017 below:

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