Qaisar-o-Kisra Part 4 By Naseem Hijazi Novel

Naseem Hijazi Novel – Qaisar-o-Kisra 4

“Qaisar-o-Kisra” (Caesar and Kisra) is a historic Urdu novel of Naseem Hijazi. Why is reading books useful?
The updated version of the software for the Onyx Boox A60 ebook (and, of course, the Onyx Boox A60 pearl is a very decent and inexpensive model with a modern screen) there are reading programs that allow you to highlight sections of text with a marker – when reading pdf, djvu, and EPUB formats … Thus, you can read and mark, mark almost any book: in the first two formats there is a lot of technical and educational literature, in the second – fiction (in addition, it is easy to convert fb2 to epub.



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