The Reward Question Answers

The Reward Question Answers


Q1. What discussion was going on at the club?


Ans. The topic under discussion at the club was the determination versus opportunity and their inter-relationship. Jorkens emphasized the importance of determination for practical success in life, however, Terbut supported opportunity. He was of the view that without opportunity, determination is fruitless.



Q2. What did Terbut think of Jorken’s argument?


Ans. Terbut opposed Jorken‟s argument and said that opportunity is far more important than determination. He gave the example of a person, who desired to be a Skating Champion of the Sahara but he might fail to achieve his target only due to lack of money.



Q3. How did Jorkens convince Terbut that a man can become a skating Champion of the Sahara?


Ans. Jorkens convinced Terbut that a man could become a skating Champion of the Sahara and could make money by building a skating-ring in the Sahara and would organize a competition there.

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Q4. How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?


Ans. In order to convince his people, Gorgios joined politics and made fine speeches preaching his ambition. He persuaded that the glory of their country would be multiplied and they could win their rights from their enemies, if the seat of the court acrobat was formally created.



Q5. What was the point of view of the parents of Gorgios?


Ans. The parents of Gorgios emphasized the importance of time and achievement of ambitions in the early age. However, Gorgios always tried to prove them wrong like other boys of his age. Later, he realized the importance of his parent advice while he was striving for accomplishment of his ambition of creating the seat of court acrobat.


Q6.What is the theme of the story?


Ans. The theme of the story is “When there is a will, there is a way” and man is not made defeat. A person can achieve anything in his life if he trusts in his faculties and has faith in hard work in as Emerson said: Trust thyself; every heart vibrates to that iron string! Nothing is impossible in the world if a person has decided to achieve anything as every king was once a helpless baby and every great building was once only a sketch.

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Q7. Describe the scene of inauguration?


Ans. For inauguration ceremony, the court hall was converted into a gymnasium. The lights and a band in pale green and gold played softly. All the courtiers, including member of the royal family, were sitting on one side. Gorgios entered in a golden acrobatic dress made of red velvet under the flood of golden light.

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