SOAS University of London UK

SOAS University of London UK


SOAS University of London SOAS, University of London is the only higher education institution in Europe specializing in the study of Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. SOAS is a wonderful institution.

On the one hand, this means that SOAS scholars grapple with topical issues – democracy, development, human rights, identity, legal systems, poverty, religion, social change – opposing two-thirds of humanity while at the same time remaining custodians of specialized knowledge in languages. and periods and regions are not found anywhere in the UK. This makes SOAS synonymous with intelligent exploration and achievement.

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It is a global academic foundation and an essential resource for London. We live in a world of shrinking borders and economic and technological simultaneity. However, it is also a world in which difference and regionalism present themselves acutely. This is the world that SOAS is clearly positioned to analyze, understand and explain.

SOAS University of London Degrees / Programs

Let’s take a look some of the degrees offered by the university.

MA … and intensive language (Arabic)
MA … and intensive language (Korean)
MA … and intensive language (Swahili)
MA … and intensive language (Southeast Asian language)
MA … and intensive language (Japanese)
MA/PGDip International Studies and Diplomacy
MA Global Creative and Cultural Industries
MA Legal Studies (General Program)
M.A. Music (Pathway performance)
MA Music (Pathway of Development)
MA Buddhist Studies
MA Gender Studies
MA Curating crops
MA Migration and Diaspora
MA Translation
Exploring Africa
History MA
M.A. Anthropology of food and intensive language
M. A. Anthropology of nutrition
M.A. Iranian studies and intensive Persian
M.A. History of Art and Archeology of East Asia and Intensive Language
M. A. Linguistics and Intensive Language
M.A. Media under development
M.A. Religion in global politics
M. Traditions of Yoga and Meditation
MA African Studies and Intensive Swahili
Master in Anthropology of the Global Future and Sustainability
Master and Diaspora Studies and Intensive Language
MSc in Social Anthropology with Intensive Language
Masters in Taiwan
Masters in South Asia
MA in African Studies (Literary Pathway)
Master in Middle Eastern Studies
Master of Gender Studies (Middle East Pathway)
Master in Gender Studies and Law
Master in Global Media and Communications
Master in Iranian Studies
Master of Islamic Studies
Master in Islamic Law
Master in History and Intensive Language
Master in Art History and Archeology
Master in Chinese Studies
Master of Korean Studies
Master in Korean Studies and Intensive Language
Master of Cultural Studies
Master of International Law
Master of Music (Pathway of Ethnomusicology)
Master in Human Rights Law
Master in Social Anthropology
Master in Transnational Queer Feminist Politics
MA in Transnational Queer Feminist Politics with a Special Focus on the Middle East
Master in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development
Master in Economic Policy
Master in Japanese Studies
Master of Japanese Studies (double degree program)
Master in Japanese and Intensive Language
MA Comparative Literature
MA South Asian Studies and Intensive Language
Postcolonial Studies MA
MSc Migration Mobility and Development
MSc Global Energy and Climate Policy
MSc Violence, Conflict
Accounting and finance
MSc Research
Master’s Development Studies (Palestinian Pathway)
Master’s Development Studies with Reference to Gender Aspects
Master in Public Policy, Finance and Management
Master of Arts, Relief and Conflict
Master of Research for International Development
Master of Southeast and Pacific Asia Studies
Master in International Business
Master in International Financial Management
Master in International Politics
Master in International Finance and Development
MA in Violence, Conflict and Development
Master in Environment, Policy and Development
Master in Asian Politics
Master in African Politics
Master in Middle East Politics
Master in Conflict Politics, Rights and Justice
Master of Political Thought
Master in Political Economics of Development
MA in Labor, Activism and Development
Master in Economics
Master in Economics and Environment
Master in Development Economics
MRes Social Anthropology
Law MRes
Social Anthropology and Intensive Language
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Gender Studies
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Southeast Asian Studies
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in South Asia Studies
LLB with a year abroad
LLM (Master of Laws)
LLM Human Rights, Conflict and Justice
International Law LLM
LLM Islamic Law
LLM Environmental Law and Sustainability
LLM International Commercial and Economic Law
LLB with a year abroad
LLM (Master of Laws)
LLM Human Rights, Conflict and Justice
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Development Economics
Scientific degrees (MPhil / PhD) in the field of translation studies
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Creative Arts
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in African Studies
Research Degrees (MPhil/PhD) in Anthropology and Sociology
PG Certificate in Law
Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Asian Art
Certificate in Politics and International Studies
BA/BSc Business, Management, Economics
BA/BSc Social Sciences, Arts
MA Global Diplomacy: MENA (online learning)
MSc Global Corporations and Policy (Online)
MA Global Security and Strategy (online)
MSc Global Public Policy (Internet)
Master of Arts (Online)
Undergraduate and Finance
Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy, Economics
Bachelor of Economic Development
Management BSc
Economics BSc
Bachelor of Arts (BA)
BA Arabic
BA Economics and … (two subjects)
BA Global Development
BA Global Development и …
BA Global Liberal Arts
BA International Relations
BA History and …
BA Chinese
BA Chinese and…
BA Korean (combined)
BA Linguistics and …
BA Music and…
BA Politics and …
BA Politics and International Relations
B. A. History of Art
B. Arabic and … (discipline)
B. Arabic and … (language)
Bachelor of East Asian Studies
Bachelor of East Asian Studies and …
BA in Art History (Asia, Africa and Europe)
BA in Art History and…
Bachelor Korean
Bachelor of International Relations and…
Bachelor of World Philosophies
Bachelor of World Philosophy and …
Bachelor of Politics
Bachelor of Laws [not open for direct applications] Bachelor of Laws and … Honors Degree
Bachelor of Social Anthropology
Bachelor of Social Anthropology and …
Bachelor of Creative Arts and Cultural Industries
Bachelor of Economics
Bachelor of Languages ​​and Cultures
Bachelor of Languages ​​and Cultures and …
Bachelor of Japanese and …
Bachelor of Japanese
History BA

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