Yeshiva University in New York

Yeshiva University in New York

New York is one of the best cities to live, do business and study. This metropolis has everything to make life wonderful, as well as prospects and opportunities that can make it even better and more exciting.

There are more than 200 institutions of higher education in New York with varying degrees of accreditation. Some universities, including Yeshiva, are in the top of the best, while others are quite mediocre.
Yeshiva University in the USA began its academic activities in 1886, placing its campus in one of the best areas of the city. Yeshiva takes pride of place in the top 5% of the best educational institutions on the planet and annually confirms its status and prestige.
Structure of Yeshiva University in New York in the USA

Yeshiva University in New York

Yeshiva University belongs to the medium category, as the total number of students does not exceed 8,500 (6,000 full-time, 2,500 remote). The academic staff consists of 1,100 teachers of the highest category, where 75% are professors. The educational institution considers both American and foreign citizens as applicants, if they are ready to fully and timely pay for tuition. The administration of the university has formed a trust fund, the funds of which are spent on research and a breakthrough in science. Up to $40 million is allocated annually for research, and most of this amount is spent on the medical sector.

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In this educational institution, you can choose more than 110 disciplines, but the most popular are:

Business, management, finance;
Natural Sciences;
IT technologies;
Pedagogy and Humanities;
Art and Design;
Social management and journalism.
For students, accommodation is provided in a hostel, on the territory of the university there are several sports grounds, creative circles, a park.
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Tuition fees and admission to Yeshiva University in New York
The cost of education is quite low, given the purchasing power and standard of living in New York. Foreigners pay $37,000 for undergraduate studies and $25,000 for graduate students. For Americans, the price for all directions is the same – $ 20,000 per year and payment is possible in installments (each semester).

Given that the pricing policy is not the highest, and the university is prestigious, the number of applicants applying for admission is high. In order to weed out some of the applicants, strict limits are set for admission.

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For admission you need:

Provide a certificate from the last place of study;
Pass an English exam or provide a certificate of passing an international test;
Pass a personal interview with a representative of the department;
Provide a report on the solvency of the family (an extract from the bank stating that there is a sum of money on the account corresponding to the cost of 2 years of study.
Grants and financial assistance are provided for the best students, but the volume of these payments can cover the cost of studying for no more than 5% of students. Since New York is an expensive city, the monthly cost of living, food, transportation and related expenses is $2,300-3,000. All students are entitled to a hostel and they are required to live in it for at least 1 and 2 courses.

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