Story on Moral A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Story Based on Moral A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed


Once upon a time two friends lived in a village. They were very close friends, as time passed their friendship grew thicker and thicker. Now they were grown up men. One day they decided to go and find work. They set off.

Before leaving their village they promised to stand by each other through thick and thin. They took oath of sincerity and assured each other of help in the hour of need. They had to pass through a jungle. They had no gone for in the tick forest when they found a bear.

One of them knew how to climb a tree. He at once caught a strong branch and swung up the tree. The other could not climb. He had heard that the bear does not eat the dead. So he lay down on the ground and held his breath pretending to be dead. Meanwhile, the bear came to him ans sniffed at him.

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The beast left him. When the bear had gone out of sight, the friend on the tree came down. He asked his friend, “Dear friend, what did the bear whisper in your ear?” the other replied quickly,

“The bear advised me not to trust a selfish friend.” Saying this he left him and went away.



A friend in need is a friend indeed




Psychology of communication: rules of mutual understanding of women and men
Knowledge in the field of communication psychology always makes it possible to be one step ahead of your interlocutor. You can even influence his decision by picking up an argument, gently guiding him in the right direction. To do this, you need to learn only the basics. Problems in communication and their solutions have always been topical topics for society. Today I want to touch on the topic of communication between men and women.

Women and men perceive the world differently, use different ways of communication. Women often expect the same feedback from a man that they gave him. From the side of psychology, the structure of communication is a verbal (speech) and non-verbal (gestures) expression of thoughts. Have you noticed that often women interact non-verbally with an interlocutor of the opposite sex? Most likely, because men perceive information better visually. In women, just the opposite is true: hearing is more sensitive, this is due to the need to take care of offspring and monitor safety. No wonder there is a proverb “Women love with their ears”.

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Women have a great need for tactility, they cannot do without touches and hugs (although not all, there are exceptions). The sensitivity of men is lower, they perceive only clear information, hints and facial expressions are difficult to understand.

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