Story on Moral Greed is Curse

Greed is Curse


The Greedy Dog

Once, there lived a greedy dog in a certain town. He stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop and ran away. He wanted to eat it alone. So he decided to go away from the town.

On the way, he had to cross a stream by bridge. The water was deep and crystal clear. The dog saw his reflection in the water. He took it for another dog with a larger piece of meat in his mouth. He was very greedy. He decided to get that piece of meat also.

Without wasting any time, he barked at it. as he opened the mouth his own piece fell in to the water. Thus, instead of getting another piece of meat, he lost his own piece.



Greed is a curse.

A lot depends on the team . If there is healthy competition in the class, then each child strives for good performance. In such a team, educational and extracurricular activities are in full swing, children attend hobby groups, museums.

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Parents should not pressureon children, forcing them to do boring and uninteresting homework. Of course, performance monitoring should not be omitted. You need to try to teach your child a boring subject in a playful way . For example, a difficult problem in mathematics can be decomposed into real objects. But school is an important and obligatory component of a child’s life, but in addition to this, there is communication with friends, visits to sports clubs, and children cannot be deprived of this. It is necessary to correctly combine work and rest .

Parents should lead by example . After a working day, do not turn on the TV, but take a book. The child is inspired by those who motivate him. He will have a desire to be like his parents and he toogo read . Encourage your child to read a science or fiction book with a compelling storyline. If possible, then you can take him to work , show and talk about work responsibilities, drawing a parallel with schoolwork.

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