The Tale of Two Cities Main Theme

The Tale of Two Cities Theme


Q. What is the theme of the poem?


Ans. Man has been fighting wars since time immemorial, but in the ancient time war was not fought on a large scale making use of highly destructive weapons. The invention these weapons have turned this fairy land into a sphere of suffering and misery, where clouds of unprecedented death are prevailing. If at all weapons should be retained and developed then these should be for defence purpose and for marinating freedom only. But it will be far better if these weapons are destroyed internationally and all the nations must enter a treaty or pact that they will not be violating the law of abandoning and destroying the law of highly destructive weapons. Through this poem, the poet wants to preach the idea that war is not the end of all the human problems. Man is the Crown of Creation; he must maintain the sanctity of human life and freedom.

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However, the courageous and determined nations are never threatened by death and destruction, they even possess the ability to grow gardens out of ashes. This is proved by the Japanese and they have uplifted themselves as a great nation. It is being said by the world bodies like UNO and its allies that they will use the modern technology for the wellbeing of the humanity as a whole, but most of the scientists belonging to highly advanced counties have failed to follow their faith in the wellbeing of humanity. The modern scientists ironically are not serving their nation or humanity but they are the creator of troubles who have the license to invent devastating weapons, highly dangerous gases and chemicals in order to become famous and pioneer in extermination of their enemy’s race. The scientific and technological progress of man has pushed mankind into a hopeless abyss and a dark vale of tears.

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After observing and suffering through two world wars and the violence against two great cities of Japan, man has not rejected the invention of highly explosive chemicals and weapons of mass destruction and all the nations are working on Darwin’s principle i.e. Survival of the fittest. Man should not celebrate at the death of his enemy because his own life is also uncertain as it is well remarked by the Mian Muhammad Bukhsh, “Don’t rejoice on the death of your enemy as your friends too have to die”.

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