UK PR Benefits | UK Permanat Resident Benefits

UK PR Benefits | UK Permanat Resident Benefits

If it so happened that you are thinking about moving abroad, and have not yet decided where exactly you should go, we advise you to turn your eyes to the UK . And to make the choice easier and clearer, we offer a small checklist: if you like at least 5 (ideally 7) positions from this modest list, then you have to go!

UK PR Benefits | UK Permanat Resident Benefits

Climate features

There is a stereotype that life in the country is associated with fogs and heavy rains, but this is nothing more than a myth due to the peculiarities of the historical development of English industry (now it is reliably known that it could, and after it the showers came due to calm weather, when the smallest breath of wind was just not enough to dispel the sputum of nature and make the clouds shift to the side). Smog is gone. Now the British have long been accustomed to mild and long off-seasons, winters that are stingy with snow, and summers that are quite pleasant to the taste of a native of the Central Upland. Oh yes: you can ride a bike here all year round.

Different parts of the country have their own specific character, which is due to the peculiarities of historical development, linguistic, geographical, religious or cultural. In Scotland, the history of centralized statehood is almost greater than in England, the Irish, who are loyal to the union, still look to the southwest from time to time, where there is another Ireland , independent, and the Welsh reality is such that speech therapy tours can be organized here for particularly difficult cases.

There are also smaller differences and accents: Orkney with a Norwegian herring spirit, the many-legged Isle of Man, dozens of ceremonial counties, each with its own history – all this makes the UK a melting pot no worse than the USA . But a boiler with jumpers, which gives the country a special flavor and piquancy.

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Geographical proportionality
If you choose a country by size, then the UK will be an excellent solution: not too big so that the journey from end to end stretches for weeks, and not as small as many Central European countries, where you can’t even take a step so as not to rest your nose on even a virtual one, but the border.

In addition, there is a kind of life hack for lovers of open spaces: the country still owns military bases and island overseas territories in the waters of five oceans.

Domestic tourism
There is a type of people who are inclined to change places and search for new sensations, emotions, impressions. Even a trip to the depths of the Near Moscow Region, overgrown with nettles and cow parsnip, bring them untold pleasure! And if you put this in English realities, where every tree, hedge, roadside post or house outside the outskirts has a long history … In a word, this is a paradise for a tourist of any suit.

Open Air Museum of Industrial Architecture
One of the decorations of the country is the system of ancient canals, which were once the main transport system of the British Isles, and now serve as another option for domestic tourism. In addition, from the era of the British Industrial Revolution, contemporaries inherited factory and factory floors, old non-electrified railway lines (hello express to Hogwarts with a red engine!), bridges and dams, port facilities and docks …

Subscription to the museum
Large museums and exhibitions do not charge an entrance fee, tickets must be purchased for thematic expositions and events held on their territory. This, on the one hand, allows the museum to find funds, on the other hand, it prevents the rise in prices and lowers the entry barrier on the way to art.

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To make culture even closer to the mass public, the British came up with museum passes: you can buy a membership card and go to all paid exhibitions throughout the year, and at the same time visit museum clubs, a bar or other institutions of varying degrees of vileness.

State that works
Great Britain is a rare example of a country today where the mechanisms of state power are engaged in exactly the activities that are determined by them in accordance with the original plan: the police, as a rule, stand guard over law and order, social services help the poor and disadvantaged, the prosecutor’s office is on the lookout for anyone did not break the law. In general, there is not a trace of chaos, outrages and arbitrariness.

The realm of law and order also has negative features (bureaucracy, for example), but the positive, nevertheless, prevails.

The laws in the country are also respected – even the monarch obeys them exactly like all his subjects, from young to old, and dukes-peers, and ordinary inhabitants of the working outskirts. In a word, all this does not exist in order to be cunning and mean, to evade paying taxes or in some other way try to gain opportunities for themselves that go beyond the legal field. No: it is customary to follow the laws here. Perhaps that is why life in the country looks so attractive and comfortable.

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English language
The state and official language, which, moreover, is spoken by millions and even billions of people around the globe is very convenient. In addition, it is relatively simple in terms of grammar and allows you to handle vocabulary quite freely. What about literature, and the countless number of books published in this language? Reading even one thousandth is not enough for a human life!

Monarchy with a human face

The days when the face of the British monarch and the institution personified by him was a pleasant sight have passed with the departure of Elizabeth II. Her successor and heir cannot be called a pretty person, but humanity is undoubtedly inherent in him.

In addition, despite the very significant powers of the monarchs, the people occupying the throne for the past few hundred years, since the execution of the eternal memory of King Charles II Stuart, try not to abuse their power and encroach on the foundations of democracy, which gives a kind of sense of stability: there is progress, the state and people keep up with the times, even science often surprises not only with the intrigues of the so-called “British scientists”, but also with really important and useful discoveries.

Ability to be in the thick of things
The capital of the United Kingdom is a recognized financial center: colossal money is “boiled” here, fortunes are lost and created. At the same time, the Five Ports that remember Elizabeth Tudor continue to receive merchant ships 450 years later, under her heirs. London is also home to world universities, recording studios, museums, exhibition centers and galleries, shops, banks… There are a lot of organizations that have a powerful and direct impact on global processes.

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