University of Houston in USA

University of Houston in USA

The University of Houston is a higher education institution in the United States, whose activities began in 1927 and now its operation is carried out at public expense. The University of Houston is considered one of the best technical universities in the United States, and also goes to 5% of the most prestigious educational institutions around the world.

The high quality of teaching, a strong scientific and research base and the introduction of modern pedagogical and technical methods form high-class skills and abilities in students that are in demand by the employer. More than 90% of Houston graduates found high-paying jobs within a year of graduation, and many of them were able to make a worthy contribution to the development of a particular industry.

University of Houston in USA

The training center, students and teachers have repeatedly received prizes and awards in the field of natural and exact sciences, medicine, engineering and economics.
Composition of the University of Houston
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The University of Houston is rightfully one of the big ones, with 33,000 young full-time students. The curriculum also provides for part-time and distance learning, where another 10,000-12,000 people gain knowledge. Despite the large number of students, the teaching staff has only 1200 teachers.

The University of Houston attracts with its uniqueness: a strong educational system, experienced professors, affordable admission requirements and affordable tuition fees. Such a tandem is rare in American education, and, accordingly, the number of people who want to get to study at this particular university is huge.

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Preference in consideration of applications and enrollment is given to American citizens, but the charter of colleges stipulates the maximum percentage of foreign students who can be enrolled in 1 course – 12%. If we draw a parallel with other top universities in the US or Europe, then the indicator is at an average level.

If the number of applicants who have successfully passed the tests is greater than the maximum enrollment for 1 academic year, then it is proposed to enroll in distance learning and receive the same body of knowledge, but with the help of digital systems and applications.

The university has 12 diverse colleges that train competent workers throughout the state of Texas:

Business and Finance;
Pedagogy and child psychology;
Hotel – restaurant business and tourism;
Social Sciences and Arts;
Natural Sciences:
social management;
Technologies and equipment.
In total, there are more than 300 disciplinary areas in Houston, where students receive high-quality theoretical and practical knowledge: 112 undergraduate programs, 131 master’s programs and 57 doctoral programs.
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Admission and Tuition at the University of Houston
It is not difficult to enter the University of Houston and it is enough to go through the following steps:

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Pass an English language test or provide an excellent language proficiency certificate;
Write an exam in general disciplines or in a specialized subject (for a master’s degree);
Provide an extract of academic performance from the last place of study.
Additional competitions or interviews are not provided, and the ranking list is compiled taking into account the results of all entrance exams and is published on the official website of each college that is part of Houston. The administration of the educational institution does not set strict limits for students at the selection stage, therefore 65-70% of applicants are enrolled in the course of study.

The cost of education is also low, compared with other American, Canadian and European universities. A bachelor’s degree course for American citizens will cost $12,500-15,700 per year, and a master’s degree – $9,000-11,600. For international students, another price is provided – $ 16,000 and $ 14,000 per year, respectively, but these amounts are miserable given the prestige, quality of teaching and future prospects. Apart from tuition costs, there are also those expenses for living, food, transportation, household goods and entertainment. Given the pricing policy in Texas, monthly expenses will be $850-1,200 and compulsory health insurance – $50-80.

The leadership of the University of Houston in the United States has introduced a system of grants and scholarships for those students who excel in science, sports and social life, or who have temporary financial difficulties. Scholarships can be both one-time and accrued annually if the student remains at the top of the ranking list. Financial assistance can cover up to 100% of tuition costs or partial loan repayments if the student is no longer able to pay.

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Cultural Life at the University of Houston
An urban campus involves entertainment and broadening one’s horizons. Several sports clubs, courts, football fields and a swimming pool are open for students, and a skating rink operates during the cold seasons.

In addition to studying and science, the University of Houston in the USA directs the attention of students to a creative direction, so there are several needlework circles, a theater studio, a museum and dance classes.

The campus has a library, research and computing centers with modern technology, scientific laboratories and a clinic. The Cullen Concert Hall constantly hosts musical, dance and theatrical performances, where both students and teachers, as well as guest artists, take part.

At the University of Houston, special attention is paid to the traditions of the last century, which made the life of students brighter and more entertaining. For example, the cougar Shasta and her descendants lived on campus for a long time. It was believed that the cougar was the mascot of the university, and the “cougar paw” gesture is still popular today and means support and a friendly attitude.

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