University of Nevada in USA

University of Nevada in USA

The University of Nevada in the USA is a multidisciplinary educational institution that opened its doors to students in 1974. During its short history, the university was able to get into the TOP-25 American universities and enter the top 200 around the world. The University of Nevada is located in Reno, a picturesque corner of the state often referred to as “the world’s biggest small city.” It uniquely combines pristine nature, mountains and lakes with a wide transport interchange and infrastructure.
Composition of the University of Nevada in the USA

University of Nevada in USA

The University of Nevada is the real pride of the state and the United States as a whole, as it has produced dozens of winners of international awards in journalism, psychology, construction and geology. The University of Nevada in the United States belongs to the category of large universities, as it accommodates about 18,000 students and 5,700 students receive distance education. Upon admission, applications from both American and foreign citizens are considered, but their share in the student system is no more than 10%.

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The University of Nevada in the United States has 1,500 teachers and 25% of invited foreign experts from Europe, Canada, Japan and India. The university administration annually signs contracts with partner institutions to conduct experience exchange programs for students and teachers, so many graduates have internships in another state.

The disciplinary composition of the University of Nevada in the USA has 150 study programs, where the following are most popular:

Economics, finance and accounting;
Civil and industrial construction;
Biochemistry and molecular biology;
IT science and technology;
Medicine, speech pathology, nursing;
Psychology, family research;
Journalism and media;
Geology, hydrology, ecology.
Bachelor’s programs are designed for 4 years, and master’s programs – 1 or up to 5 years, depending on the complexity and specifics of the direction.

The leadership of the University of Nevada directs huge investments in research and advancement in science. The administration has chosen several key areas for research – earthquake expertise and modeling and effective loss minimization measures, as well as family psychology and interpersonal relationships. Given the specifics of the region, earthquake expertise is a very necessary area that can make life easier for citizens and prevent disasters. The trust fund for research is $66 million.

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Admission and Tuition at the University of Nevada in the USA
The University of Nevada is a popular and sought-after educational institution among students, despite the high cost of the course. Entering a course and successfully completing it is no less a difficult task, since the administration puts students in a tight schedule and scientific workload, transferring the entire array of theoretical and practical knowledge.

For admission you need:

Pass a personal interview with a representative of the selected school / faculty online or in person;
Write a test for 100 questions concerning general disciplines and the chosen direction;
Pass an English language test.
Every year, the admissions committee receives up to 8,000 applications from applicants, but only 25-30% successfully pass the exams and get into the rating lists.

The cost of education is quite high, but such a price for quality teaching is fully justified. The undergraduate course will cost $27,000-30,000 for US citizens, and for international students – from $33,000. A master’s degree is a little more expensive – from $30,000 and $35,000 respectively.

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The University of Nevada in the US provides a number of scholarships for study, but for this the student must meet one of the categories:

Undergraduate students with F-1 or J-1 status;
Be a member of the Organization of Foreign Students and Scientists;
Be enrolled in the ranks of teaching assistants and professors;
Make a contribution to the development of science and technology.
The scholarship can cover 60-100% of the cost of education. Some private companies and associations provide students with financial assistance, paying for all or part of their studies at the University of Nevada, on the condition that after receiving a diploma, the graduate will work in the company for a certain period.

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