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Urdu Guess Paper 9th Class for Nazam & Gazals

Urdu Guess Paper 9th Class

Nazam & Gazals

Nazam :

Barsat ki Baharen,
Pevasta Reh Shajar Se

Gazal :


How the digital age is changing our ability to read – Papyrus, books and finally screens. Storage media have changed dramatically, and we are already used to reading from displays. Today we are talking about how this affects our ability to perceive the text. Don’t say a word Canadian writer and essayist Alberto Manguel, in his History of Reading, describes a remarkable transformation of human consciousness that took place around the 10th century AD. It was then that the era of reading to oneself came. Before that, people read exclusively aloud: today it seems to us wildness, but earlier it was commonplace.


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