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Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on the Marriage of his Sister

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on the Marriage of his Sister

Examination Hall,

City A. B. C

Sep 13, 2017

Dear Friend,


Noman met me yesterday by chance on the roadside. He told me about the marriage of your sister. Please accept my heart’iest congratulations. I am sorry to note that, you forgot’me on this happy occasion. I know you must be very busy and you might have escaped it from your mind.

Please convey my heartiest congratulations to all of your family members.

Yours sincerely,





Linguistics as part of humanity

Linguistics is also called linguistics or linguistics. This is the science of languages, i.e. linguistics studies everything related to natural human languages, everything that concerns them, in the smallest detail. Linguistics teaches the history of languages, their geography, connections between themselves, other sciences and all spheres of human life. What is the relationship between language and medicine? What about art ? History?

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2. Applied linguistics – involves the solution of practical problems, the application of theories in practice and studies the methods of transliteration and explanation of terms, as well as decoding, translation and teaching the native language;

3. Practical linguistics – a branch of linguistics that conducts real experiments, proves theories and checks the effectiveness of the methods used in applied linguistics;

4. Empirical linguistics- tries to get various language data by experiments, analysis of texts and speech.

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