Yekaterina Guseva Age Biography, Wiki, Height, Net Worth

Yekaterina Guseva Age Biography

Yekaterina Guseva Age Biography: Yekaterina Guseva is a stage, film, and television actress from Russia, as well as a singer. Her full name is Yekaterina Konstantinovna Guseva. She was conceived on July 9th, 1976 in the capital city of the RSFSR and USSR, Moscow.

Yekaterina Guseva Age

Yekaterina Guseva is 46 years old at this time. She received accolades for her performance in the television series Brigada, which aired in 2002.

Yekaterina Guseva Early Life and Career:

When Guseva was a child, her father was a violinist, and the arrangement Brigada features his violin in the role of the instrument. Her younger sister Nastya is now working as a methodologist at a kindergarten, filling in for their mother.

By the time she was four years old, she was already a member of the cutting edge tumbling asset group for the Soviet Union’s delegate group. In addition to that, she tried her hand at swimming and figure skating. Katya was a member of the Georgian dance ensemble Kolkhida for seven years prior to her graduation from school, during which time she learned how to perform at the Bolshoi Ballet Theatre.

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She had planned to select at the Moscow Biotechnology Institute, but she was drawn closer by an aide to theatre chief Evgeny Simonov, who suggested that she ought to apply for the V.V. Shukina Performing Arts College instead. This occurred while she was in the process of selecting at the Moscow Biotechnology Institute. She gave it a try, scheduled the passage exam over the course of three days, and breezed through it without any problems.

Yekaterina Guseva Professional Career

Yekaterina’s professional career began shortly after she received her diploma in 1997, when she was cast in a big part in the film Snake Spring, directed by Nikolai Lebedev. At that time, she was invited into Mark Rozovsky’s theatre, which was known as “Nikitsky Gate.” After working at the Rozovsky theatre for four years, she was given the opportunity to audition for the character of Katya Tatarinova in the musical Nord-Ost, which was written by Alexei Ivashchenko and Georgi Vasiliev. During the process of preparing for “Nord-Ost” chief, Yekaterina garnered fame by playing a big part in the well-known Russian crime drama Brigada. This led to her being promoted to the position of chief. In October of 2002, when the fear-based oppressor attacked the venue, she took the day off from work. She started working at the Mossovet Theater in 2003.

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In addition to appearing in a number of well-known Russian films, Yekaterina also sings songs both on her own and in collaboration with Leonid Serebrennikov and other musicians. 2007 was the year that she released her first CD compilation of indie music.

Boyfriends, Dating History, and the Present Husband of Yekaterina Guseva:

Yekaterina Guseva is married to businessman Vladimir Abashkin. They are parents of two children.

Yekaterina Guseva Net Worth

The amount of money that Yekaterina Guseva has in her possession is expected to reach over $8 million by the year 2022.

Yekaterina Guseva Movies:

Snake Spring (1997)

Billboard (1998) (1998)

Rayskoe apple (1998)
Pale-faced liar (2001)
Minerva’s Sword and Shield (2003)
From 180 and Higher in Height (2005)
Peak Hour (2006)
Tanker Tango (2006)
The three of us are as follows: (2007)
Known as the Runaways (2007)
Many thanks for the affection! (2007)
Platki (2007) (2007)
Take a stroll across Paris (2010)
The goldfish in the H. (2011)
Brigada 2 (2012)
Twelve months (2013)
Put an end to the Worry (2013)
Invisible (2013) (2013)
Weekend (2013) (2013)
Tobol (2018) (2018)
Domovoy (2019) (2019)
Television: Samozvantsy (1998-03)
Request Stop (1999)
Displaced (2001) (2001)
Brigada (2002) (2002)
Cadets (2004) (2004)
Yasenin (2005) (2005)
The Hour of Rush (2006)
Fire and Ice (2008)
Talyanka (2014) (2014)
Fragile ice (2016)

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