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Best Business Schools in the World?

Best Business Schools in the World?

It is almost impossible to break into international business without knowledge of English. It is no secret that English is the world language of the economy, money and business processes, so if you want to develop in this direction, then think about high-quality foreign language courses in advance.
The best English language schools, which uniquely combine the language load and the economic profile, are located outside of our country, but you can still get there, at least remotely.
Higher education is a vital impetus that determines the future of a person, his profession and field of activity. Prestigious business schools and universities open doors to top companies and their own successful entrepreneurial ventures that can bring impressive profits.

The Best Business Schools in the World

MBA business school

If you want to connect your life with business processes and have sufficient funds for quality education, then choose one of the schools.

Harvard Business School

Of course, Harvard occupies the highest bar in this ranking for undergraduate programs. The school is located in Boston (USA), is part of the Ivy League and prepares students for the bachelor’s and master’s levels, as well as doctors of science and advanced training. The school is studying on 60 narrowly focused profiles, and there are also author’s methods and programs. The cost of training is appropriate – from $ 30,000.

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Stanford Graduate School of Business

It is located in the center of Silicon Valley and about 50% of graduates stay here to work, automatically falling into the epicenter of business and technology. There is an opinion that it was Stanford MBA graduates who became the founders of Silicon Valley. There are many directions in the business school, but the key ones are accounting, marketing, personnel management, strategic management. The cost of training is from $27,000 per year.

Best Business Schools in the World

London Business School

Many are convinced that the London Business School can claim to be a world leader, as it offers unique areas that have no analogues – Masters in Finance, Masters in Management, Executive MBA. The main directions are accounting, business consulting, finance and management. Cost of 1 year – from $35,000.

University of Pennsylvania

An MBA school that opens the door to the world of economics and finance. The methodological publications of this school became the most cited by profile. This school is able to train up to 80,000 students from 140 countries. Primary areas: insurance, business and public policy, entrepreneurial risks, real estate. The cost of training is from $25,000 per year.

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Columbia Business School

Columbia University in New York, which includes the school, is suitable for its teachers and graduates – 64 Nobel laureates. The value of the school is in the comprehensive Executive MBA program, which is optimal for entrepreneurs and managers. The cost of the course is from $45,000.

Top French business school, which received the title of a research institute. Branches of the Insead MBA school are located in France, Singapore, Israel. The difference from other MBA schools is that the program is designed for only 1 year. Price – from $40,000.

IESE Business School

The oldest business school in Europe, which cooperates directly with the best American universities and gives its students the opportunity to receive two related diplomas. IESE in Spain is part of the University of Nirvana and has chapters in the US and Germany. IESE Spain MBA has both classic and author programs. The cost of the course is from $30,000.

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The International Institute for Management Development in Switzerland has an extensive partner network, so 80% of graduates are successfully employed in the best European holdings. Education on the MBA program in Switzerland is designed for 2 years and you will have to pay up to $100,000 for knowledge.

Hong Kong IST Business School

The best MBA school in Asia is located in China. Here, the most loyal attitude towards students, so the share of foreigners is 25%. IST MBA actively develops unique author’s programs and projects that win prizes at international competitions. Tuition fees are relatively low, starting at $16,000.

Indian Institute of Management

IIMs is part of the Ahmedabad National University and trains the best personnel in the direction of financial management, public administration and international politics. Every 5th student is an international student. The remarkable thing about the university is that standard MBA programs have been introduced here, as well as for one or two years of study. Students choose the duration of the course based on their needs and goals. The cost of a year of study varies dramatically depending on the program and course – from $ 15,000 – 40,000.

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