Countries with Free Education for International Students also

Countries with Free Education for International Students also

A good education, with which you can get a highly paid and interesting profession – the dream of many people. This is also what school leavers want to enter the university, preferably on a budgetary basis. However, the system of higher education in our country is designed in such a way that entering a non-paid program requires a lot of effort and, oddly enough, money. According to statistics, parents who hire a tutor for their children to prepare for the Unified State Exam and pass it with good scores can spend up to 120,000 rubles in one academic year – this is equal to a year (and sometimes two) in universities. Moreover, even if the graduate does an excellent job with the exams, budget places at the universities of the Federation are first distributed among applicants in the areas, participants and winners of Olympiads, beneficiaries.

On the territory of European countries, universities offer free education in almost all of their programs. To enter a local university, an applicant often needs a certificate and a certificate confirming knowledge of the national language at the required level. The selection committee does not always consider the quality of the certificate, and in some countries additional entrance exams are not even held.

Getting higher education abroad is a conscious choice that requires students not only to enter, but also to successfully complete their studies. During their studies, students have the opportunity to work and go to classes at the same time in order to pay for hostel and other fees.

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Countries with Free Education for International Students also


Germany is one of the best countries for education “on a budget”. With the exception of Baden-Württemberg, education in all regions of Germany is free both in two languages: German and English. The student will only pay between 100 and 500 euros as student fees – the money goes to administrative expenses and a transport card. A budget student can receive a scholarship and live in a hostel for free, work up to 20 hours a week and receive social support from the country. Admission is possible at the end of 11 classes directly to the university, and the student can also enroll in a preparatory course. Passing an entrance test to study in Germany is not required.


France is a country where educational institutions themselves determine whether they will require funds for education from foreign students. Information needs to be clarified when choosing a university, if the price of education is an important issue for the applicant (that is, almost always). Local universities also provide training on free programs available in two languages: French and English. Students are provided with assistance from the country in the form of a discount on dormitories, free medical insurance and a travel ticket. Admission is possible at the end of 11 classes, transfer to senior courses or admission with a diploma is also available, and passing entrance exams is not necessary.


Italy is recognized as one of the most interesting states for receiving a budgetary foreign education. But the most interesting thing is that every student has the right to receive a scholarship of 5,000 euros from the state budget! In addition, students can eat for free in canteens and get a discount on accommodation in dormitories. According to local laws, a student can work up to 20 hours a week.

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The only disadvantage of studying in Italy is the fact that an ordinary 11th grade graduate cannot enter here – the country accepts applicants who have studied for 12 years. To apply to an Italian university, you need to take 1 course at a university after grade 11, or study for 3-4 years in college if the student left after grade 9, or choose a special preparatory program.


In Greece, students can not only receive free knowledge, but also not pay for a dorm room and meals in the canteens for students! In addition, students can work up to 20 hours a week. Enrollment in universities is carried out on the basis of the average score, so if the applicant was an excellent student in school, then admission to a university is almost guaranteed. The only drawback is that free education is available only in the state language of Greece, but applicants have time to study it before entering.


To get a free education in Poland, you do not need to pass tests and competitions. Graduates from the Federation can enter a Polish university after 11 classes or after graduating from a university in their country. To be admitted to free education in Polish, you must have a Pole’s Card – a document confirming the presence of relatives in Poland, or a residence card, or have a residence permit in Poland. Moreover, the applicant must speak Polish at C1 level. It is also possible to receive a scholarship from the university or participate in EU funding programs. Some universities offer the opportunity to study in English.

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In the Czech Republic, budget classes are available exclusively in the local language. An applicant can apply for admission to the university after graduation, as well as for a master’s degree. In order to be admitted to study in the Czech language, three conditions must be met: to speak Czech at a high level, to pass the nostrification of a document on education (confirmation of its equivalence to Czech education) and to pass an entrance test. There are no scholarships, but students can work up to 20 hours a week.


In Slovakia, you can enroll on the budget only for programs that are conducted in the Slovak language. The process of admission to universities in Slovakia is similar to that used in the Czech Republic: it is necessary to achieve a level of proficiency in the local language at level B2 and above, pass the nostrification of the document on education and pass the entrance exams, if the commission requires them. But there are also programs that you can enroll in without exams or by passing an interview. A student who enters a Slovak university gets the opportunity to travel around the country by train for 1 euro, pay for a hostel at a discount, and also work up to 20 hours a week officially.

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