Best Universities in Boston

Best Universities in Boston

There are almost a hundred universities in Boston that qualitatively train future specialists in various fields of life. Boston universities in the USA have a fairly high-quality education, thanks to which universities often get into the top rankings in the country and the world. Many foreign students go to study in Boston, because the pricing policy here is average for the country, and the quality of teaching and research is at a high level. Let’s take a closer look at the top Boston universities in the USA.

Universities in Boston USA

Suffolk University in Boston

Best Universities in Boston

The learning process at Suffolk University is quite complex, but effective. The doors to the Supreme Court, public policy, top US industrial and financial corporations are open for the best students. Suffolk University is one of the top 400 US universities and the top 50 most prestigious business schools. Students have access to 70 educational programs:

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Jurisprudence, international law;
Art and Science;
Business and financial management;
Technology and Industry Innovation;
IT science and progress;
Public administration.
About 12,000 students study at Suffolk University, where 5% are foreigners. The prestige of the educational institution, the prospects for professions and the high demand for Suffolk graduates have formed a fairly high cost of education: from $20,000 per semester. For Americans, scholarships and benefits are provided that cover 70-100% of the cost of education, but no more than 12% of students receive them.
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Northeastern Boston University
Northeastern University Boston is a global research center that prepares bachelors, masters, graduate and doctoral students. Students are offered only 9 areas and faculties, but the most common programs are:

Business and Finance;
Management and management of society;
Nursing and General Medicine;
Biology and medical research.
Northeastern Boston has 14,000 students who pay from $14,000 per semester. The advantage of this educational center is that government agencies, namely the Institute of Public Health, Homeland Security, the Department of Energy and Defense, are happy to employ graduates of Northeastern University Boston.

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University of Massachusetts Boston
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One of the largest educational institutions in the USA, where the total number of students is 67,000 people. UMass is a multidisciplinary educational institution that unites about 200 specific areas: humanities and exact sciences, mathematics, medicine, business and law.

Students have a rather tight schedule and large study loads, since 50% of students are engaged not only in teaching, but also in research work. $48-52 million is allocated annually for research and science. Particular attention is paid to the cultural education of students – sporting events, dramatic performances, artistic performances and social pickets alternate weekly.

The cost of training is from $30,000, which is quite low for Boston. The price for foreign students is traditionally higher than + 30-60%, depending on the specifics of the chosen direction.

Curry College
A unique educational institution where they practice an individual approach to each student. Curry College is a multinational center where only 3,000 people receive knowledge and 10% are foreign citizens (8% are Europeans). Curry College is equated with a “New England” education, where a perspective is developed for each student.
Upon completion of their studies, 98% of graduates get a decent and highly paid job in the best holdings in the world. The most popular are the following areas:

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Business management;
Journalism and media;
Health and labor protection;
Psychology and sociology;
IT sphere;
The pricing policy for a bachelor’s course is from $39,000, and a master’s degree – from $19,000.
The cost of food, accommodation and related expenses are paid separately, another mandatory payment is annual medical insurance. with a personalized approach.

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