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Rockefeller University in New York

Rockefeller University in New York

Visiting Manhattan is the dream of millions, and studying there is the best that an applicant can imagine who does not enter for the fact of having a higher education, but to become a highly qualified specialist and professional in their field. There are more than 100 institutes and colleges in New York, but Rockefeller University clearly stands out from the general list.
The academic activity of the university was launched in 1901 under the leadership of John Rockefeller, who invested 30% of his fortune in the training center and bequeathed $ 13 million after his death. Over its 120-year history, scientists and teachers at Rockefeller University have been able to prove:

Chemical basis of DNA heredity;
Identify and classify blood groups;
Confirm the theory that viruses can induce oncology;
Gave impetus to the development of cell biology;
Discovery, description and regulation of the hormone lipin.
Alumni of Rockefeller University have won 27 Nobel Prizes in biology, chemistry and medicine.

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Rockefeller University in New York

The university is private, but its solvency is constantly supported by membership fees and investments, student fees and government programs.
rockefeller university
Structure of the Rockefeller University in New York in the USA
Becoming a student at this university in New York is difficult, but very prestigious. It is even more difficult to graduate and receive a diploma, since students are exposed to a huge academic load, an array of theoretical and practical information, constant research and laboratory work. Only a few who are truly in love with their future specialty can withstand such a rhythm of study.

There are no separate profiles or faculties at Rockefeller University; all students receive degrees in 10 areas:

Biochemistry, biophysics;
Biology of cancer cells;
Genetics, genomy;
Immunology, the study of viruses and bacteria;
Algorithm and mechanism of diseases;
The evolution of biology and its prospects;
Computational biology, application of mathematical and physical approaches;
Table cells, their development and isolation.
There are 12 scientific centers on the basis of the university, where critical situations are analyzed, new methods of treatment, protocols for drugs and research are being developed.
The number of students is very small – no more than 600 students, and the teaching staff – 497 specialists who have a higher academic degree, an international profile diploma and are annually accredited. Foreign students are allowed to study, but their share is small – 2% of the total.

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Every day, students study for 8-10 hours within the walls of a university or research center, as well as at least 3 at home. In their free time, students attend sports clubs, gyms and other places of infrastructure and leisure.
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Admission and Tuition at Rockefeller University in New York in the USA
It is difficult to enter, strict requirements are put forward for applicants in terms of entrance scores, general level of awareness, physical form, solvency and even health. According to statistics, no more than 15% of the total number of applicants successfully pass all stages of admission.
For admission you need:

Submit an application (pay a fee of $75 for its consideration);
Provide a certificate / statement of academic performance from the last place of study;
Pass an exam in English, general biology and chemistry;
Pass a personal interview with a representative of the university;
Provide a health certificate;
Attach a bank statement confirming the level of solvency.
The cost of education is high, but fully justified, because after graduating from a bachelor’s and master’s degree, valuable and competent personnel enter the world who can save humanity from dozens of diseases.

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The cost of 1 course of a bachelor’s degree for Americans is from $25,000, a master’s degree – from $19,000. For foreign citizens, the price is traditionally higher: a bachelor’s degree – from $43,000, and a master’s degree – from $29,000. There are no benefits or scholarships. Once a year, the administration selects the 2 best students who are reimbursed for tuition fees for 2 semesters.

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