Best Universities in Detroit

Best Universities in Detroit

Detroit is one of the largest cities in Michigan, which impresses with the volume of industry, the development of infrastructure and the architecture of skylines. Detroit is called the “city of motors”, so it is not surprising that the specifics of higher education institutions are aimed specifically at training engineers, production specialists and developers.

Popular Detroit Universities

Universities of Detroit
There are several universities in Detroit, but Wayne University is the most popular and famous.

Wayne University is the best in Detroit and is in the top three in Michigan, 10% of the best in the world, and in the top 150 in the US. Such a high rating and location in the heart of an industrial city stimulate a constant flow of students from all over the world.

Best Universities in Detroit

Wayne University was founded in 1868 and was originally considered a small automotive institute. Over time, new departments and faculties came off, the range of the curriculum and the information transmitted expanded, and the quality of teaching bore fruit in the form of competent and sought-after specialists. In addition to the industrial segment, several colleges were opened – medical and pedagogical.
Wayne University at Detroit
Wayne University is a large educational center with about 21,000 full-time and part-time students. The uniqueness of distance programs is that the course is structured in such a way that working applicants can combine study and main employment.

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The teaching staff at the University of Detroit has 1,800 people, where more than 80% are professors. The structure of Wayne University has more than 400 study programs, which are divided into 13 schools and directions:

Education and pedagogy;
Arts, media and communications;
Information technology, IT science and progress;
Humanitarian sciences;
Jurisprudence and civil law;
Medicine and nursing;
Social management, support of the population.
The pricing policy is average: a year of bachelor’s degree – from $20,000, a master’s degree – from $23,000. The price for foreign students is higher by 20-25%, which depends on the popularity of the chosen direction. For students with weak solvency, there is a system of subsidies, with the help of which the administration of the educational institution pays 30-70% of the cost of the course.
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Detroit Mercy University
Non-state educational institution, which is the largest Catholic center in Michigan. The main funding of the training center comes from charitable contributions from students and religious communities, but without state support.

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The University of Detroit Mercy was founded in 1877, with about 100 undergraduate and graduate courses open. The total number of students does not exceed 5,000, and teachers – 900. The University of Mercy has 7 colleges where they teach in the following areas:

Medicine and health;
Architecture and construction;
Art, design;
Journalism and public relations;
Economics and finance;

? Preference is given to American students, but foreign students are also not refused. About 80% of applicants are successfully enrolled in the ranks of students, other candidates are eliminated in the entrance exams. The admission algorithm is similar to most universities in the United States:

providing a certificate from the former place of study;
English language testing;
personal interview or creative project (depending on the chosen specialty).
Mersey University is also considered prestigious, but some of the disciplines are taught with religious overtones and aspects, which is not suitable for all students of different worldviews

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