Best Universities in Philadelphia

Best Universities in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is located between the two major US cities of New York and Washington and is one of the largest cities in the state. That is why many applicants from different countries, are sent here every year to enter universities. Many of our clients have already received help from us in applying to American universities, and today it is much easier than it seems.

Best Universities in Philadelphia

Universities of Philadelphia USA have 88 universities.

– University of Pennsylvania (UPenn);

– Middleton University;

– Drexel University;

– Temple University;

– Thomas Jefferson University (TJU);

-University of Life Sciences in Philadelphia (USP);

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia US(University of Pennsylvania, (UPenn), (Penn)) is an institution of higher education, founded in 1740, located in the city of Philadelphia, USA, which has received a high reputation for many years. The institution ranks 19th in the world among the best universities, corresponds to high ratings among the institutions of the World University Rankings. This university is a non-profit private Ivy League system. This system is characterized by a proportional focus not only on education, but also on research. The founder of Penn is Benjamin Franklin himself, with his own views on the learning process, placing more emphasis on practical education.

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Middleton University Philadelphia US(Harrison Middleton University) was opened in 1998 by Harrison Middleton, is a private distance university. It is one of the most prestigious institutions in accordance with various ratings and has not left the top five positions in the country throughout all the years of its existence. The university provides the opportunity to obtain master’s degrees, doctor of humanities and doctor of education. The educational institution pays its attention to the teachings of the Great Books and ideas, which are a library beyond competition of the great patterns of thinking of mankind of all times and peoples – from the ancient centuries of Confucius to modern ones, such as Freud, Nietzsche.

Drexel University Philadelphia US(Drexel University), began its activity in 1891, presents itself as the highest non-profit private university. Basic education – bachelor’s degree:

-animation and visual effects, graphic design, computer science and computer technology;

-architecture and civil engineering

-business analytics, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and innovation, hospitality;

– biology, physics, mathematics, art history, political science, law, psychology, sociology;

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health care, nursing and more.

Drexel University has gained an excellent international reputation for great results in scientific achievements in business, medicine, and economics.

Temple University in Philadelphia USA(Temple University) is a state university. The year of foundation is 1884, it has its own internal infrastructure with buildings and a place of residence, it is a large educational institution. The rating is included in five percent of universities in the world. The main areas of education at Temple University in Philadelphia USA are art, computer science, medicine, and management. Two types of education: full-time and distance (conducted online).

Thomas Jefferson University(Thomas Jefferson University (TJU)) is a non-profit private university. Its doors were first opened in 1824. Included in five percent of the best educational institutions in the world, with seven hundred and fiftieth place. Education provides an opportunity to obtain specialties in the field of medical technology, biochemistry, occupational and physical therapy, as well as basic knowledge of the humanities and natural sciences.

The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia (USP) – founded in 1821 as one of the first pharmaceutical colleges, over time expanding the field of research to 30 programs, provides an opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s and doctoral degree in business in the field health care, laboratory research. Types of training: full-time and distance learning.
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Education in the USA
It is based on the latest achievements of various types of science and technology. Consequently, educational institutions have the highest international rankings, which at the end of training provides a wide range of employment opportunities around the world. If you have a desire to get the highest quality education, or advance in your career, developing yourself and mastering the English language, studying at US universities in Philadelphia is one of the best options.

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Philadelphia universities have a number of positive factors for foreign students – a decent place to live, good conditions for learning and the very quality of providing knowledge, various types of events for every taste and an environment of a multinational population from different parts of the world. Our company helps to prepare for admission, as well as pass the relevant exams and eventually get the opportunity to study at the best US universities in Philadelphia.

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