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Best Juicers Machine to Buy for Home in 2023



Best juicers machine to buy for home in 2023 : Boil, squeeze, eat cake, pour juice from garden watering cans, sprinkle it from bottles with a hole in the neck and enjoy life

Table of Contents

In a juicer, you can make juice from almost any fruit, berries and vegetables. And from the cake, prepare jam, marmalade, marshmallow, jelly, mashed potatoes for the child. To help you choose the right model, I’ve compiled a list of the best juicers for 2023.

Here you will find models from different materials, different volumes and sizes. You will learn the pros and cons of a juice cooker, what material is better to take a juice cooker from and what the bottom thickness affects.

Pros and cons of juicers

Of course, if you prefer freshly squeezed juice, it is better to take a juicer – in it you will quickly make a couple of glasses of juice and you can immediately drink it. And if you like to make preparations for the winter and fill cellars with natural juices, then already a juicer. By the way, it can also be used as a steamer. And this is not the only advantage.


🟒 Minimum waste. From the remaining cake, you can make compote, jelly or jelly.

🟒 Healthy juice. The steam temperature in juicers is up to 70°C, so all the vitamins and nutrients survive.

🟒 Pasteurization technology. You don’t have to sterilize or boil juices before rolling, so feel free to fill the cellar with vitamins for the winter.

🟒 Easy to use. Fruits and berries do not need to be cut, chopped, peeled and pitted in advance. Just wash them and start juicing.

🟒 No need to take breaks. The juicer does not have a motor that can overheat, so you can juice continuously.

🟒 Processes fruits of any density. A juicer can even make juice from whole quince, beets or carrots.

🟒 Juice can be drunk immediately. It comes out clean and without pulp, so you don’t have to waste time pasteurizing and filtering.

🟒 Reliability and durability due to simple design. You don’t have to buy a new juicer every season – save a lot of money.

🟒 Quiet operation. Again, there is no motor, so the juice simmers quietly on the stove while you watch your favorite series.

🟒 Easy to wash. The juicer does not have a bunch of parts, small parts, so it can be washed quickly.

🟒 Minimum participation. Wash the fruit, put it in a saucepan and put it on the stove. Everything, you can go watch your favorite TV series or read the latest news. Just do not forget to periodically drain the juice.

🟒 Juice keeps for a long time. Juice made in a juicer can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week. And if you roll it into banks, then several seasons.

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πŸ”΄ Juice is prepared for a long time. A juicer is not a pressure cooker. To get a liter of juice, spend from one and a half to a couple of hours. If the guests are already on the doorstep, it will not be possible to cook juice for them quickly.

πŸ”΄ Dimensions. The juicer consists of three main containers, similar to pans, so you have to rack your brains where to hide them in the off-season.

πŸ”΄ If used incorrectly. Juice is better not to drink. For example, if you cook juice for a long time in an aluminum juice cooker without an anodized coating, then the material will oxidize under the action of fruit acids, metal ions will get into the juice. Unpleasant.

How to choose the right juicer

When choosing a juicer for your home, look at the quality of the material, compactness, manufacturer and reviews. Main characteristics:

The material from which the model is made.

Aluminum is a soft material. It can bend if you drop it or brew juice for a long time. There may also be dents on the walls. Aluminum is not very resistant to acids, so the juice may not turn out to be as useful as we would like. But aluminum juicers are cheaper.

Stainless steel is a durable and reliable material. In it, the heat is distributed more evenly, so the juice is released faster. In stainless steel juice cookers, you can make juice in 1-1.5 hours, while in the rest the same volume will come out only in 2-3 hours. It is also resistant to acids and alkalis, so juice is more useful from it. But such juicers will be more expensive.

Volume – can be from 5 to 20 liters. The larger it is, the more juice you get at a time. Keep in mind that, for example, with a volume of 8 liters, up to 4 kg of products are placed, from which up to 2 liters of juice will come out. If you like to make juice from berries, then take small volumes. For home use, a volume of 6-8 liters is sufficient.

Size – especially if you have a small kitchen. Juice cookers consist of three tiers, which are assembled on top of each other. After use, it can be disassembled and stored all the parts separately, or you can put it in a closet when assembled. With a volume of 8 liters, the height of the entire juice cooker is on average 40 cm, and the diameter is 26 cm. But the larger the volume, the larger the size of the juice cooker.

Design – it is desirable that the bowl has an encapsulated bottom, then the berries will not stick to it, and the juice will cook faster. If the bottom is single-layer, then the material will wear out quickly. And everything will burn to it, and the pan cannot be used separately.

Drain hose length. In the process, the resulting juice is poured into the jar through this hose, so if it is short, you will have to set the container higher. On average, a length of 38-40 cm is enough.

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Drain hose material. Silicone is a more expensive but safer material. It does not smell and will last a long time.

Rubber is a budget option. But the material wears out quickly and can smell unpleasant, although the smell does not remain in the juice.

And do not forget to check if the diameter of the bottom matches the diameter of the burner on the stove. These are the few tips for Best juicers machine to buy for home in 2023.


Best juicer under $100

Title Features Prices Buy Now
Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine


Easy to Clean, Centrifugal Extractor, BPA Free, 800W Motor $69
buy now
NutriBullet Juicer Centrifugal Juicer Machine 27 Ounces/1.5 Liters, 800 Watts $79 buy now
Loilat Juicer Machine 500W Centrifugal Juice Extractor with 3-Speed Setting, Easy to Clean, Stainless Steel, BPA Free $46 buy now
ZNOAV Juicer Machine 600W BPA Free, Easy to Clean, Compact Centrifugal Juicer Anti-drip $54 buy now


Best juicer under $150

Title Features Prices Buy Now
SiFENE Cold Press Juicer Machines


Slow Masticating Juicer, Easy-Clean $149 buy now
1300W KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines 3 Speeds Mode, Easy to Clean, 100% BPA-Free, Included Brush $108 buy now
AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor Easy to Clean Brush & Quiet Motor for Vegetables&Fruits,Pear White $159 buy now


Which model of Omega Juicer is the best?

Title Features Prices Buy Now
Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Masticating Juicer


Juicer Machine For Celery with Adjustable Dial, 200-Watts, Silver $358 buy now
Omega NC900HDC Cold Press Juicer Machine Dual-Stage Slow Masticating Juicer, 150 W, Metallic $358 buy now
Omega J8006HDC Cold Press Juicer Machine Triple-Stage Slow Masticating Juicer, 200 W, Chrome $256 buy now


What is a Slow Masticating Juicer


A Slow Masticating Juicer which is actually a cold press juicer or slow juicer, is a kitchen appliance designed for extracting juice from various ingredients like fruits and vegetables. In contrast to conventional centrifugal juicers that operate at high speeds, slow masticating juicers function at a much slower pace and employ a different technique to obtain juice.

The operation of a slow masticating juicer can be understood as follows:

Feed Chute: Ingredients are placed through a feed chute into the juicer.

Auger or Screw: Inside the juicer, there’s a rotating auger or screw that gradually crushes and grinds the ingredients against a mesh screen or filter.

Low Speed: Slow masticating juicers typically work at low speeds, usually around 40 to 100 RPM. This deliberate slowness minimizes heat production and oxidation, thus helping to maintain the nutritional value and enzymes in the juice.

Extraction and Separation: As the auger presses and squeezes the ingredients, the juice gets separated from the pulp. The juice is forced through the mesh screen while the pulp is expelled into a separate container.

Enhanced Yield and Quality: These juicers are known for their ability to extract more juice from the same quantity of ingredients compared to centrifugal juicers. Moreover, the gradual extraction process is thought to preserve more nutrients, enzymes, and flavors due to reduced oxidation.

Diverse Ingredients: Slow masticating juicers can process an array of ingredients, including leafy greens, wheatgrass, both soft and hard fruits, and even nuts for making nut-based milks.

Noise Level: The slower operation results in quieter juicing in comparison to the noisy operation of high-speed centrifugal juicers.

While slow masticating juicers are lauded for their capability to produce top-quality juice with minimal oxidation, they do have certain downsides. They are generally slower due to their extraction process, and they may require more time for preparation as ingredients might need to be chopped into smaller pieces to fit the feed chute.

In conclusion, slow masticating juicers are favored by those who prioritize retaining nutrients, juice quality, and versatility in terms of the range of ingredients they can juice.

Which is the best Slow Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006HDC Slow Masticating Juicer

The Omega J8006HDC Slow Masticating Juicer is a highly regarded kitchen appliance known for its efficient juice extraction and adaptable features. Below is an assessment of the Omega J8006HDC based on its attributes and user feedback:

Design and Construction: Characterized by its robust build and sleek, compact design, the Omega J8006HDC boasts durability with its quality materials and construction.

Masticating Extraction: Functioning as a slow masticating juicer, the Omega J8006HDC operates at a mere 80 RPM, gently extracting juice from various ingredients. This gradual process mitigates heat generation and oxidation, resulting in nutrient-rich, flavorful juices.

Versatility: A standout trait of this juicer is its versatility. It transcends the boundaries of merely juicing fruits and vegetables, proficiently handling leafy greens, wheatgrass, grinding coffee beans, crafting nut butters, and even extruding pasta. Its multifunctional capabilities make it a valuable asset in any kitchen.

Superior Juice Yield: Users consistently commend the Omega J8006HDC for its adeptness in extracting generous quantities of juice from a diverse array of produce. The mastication process ensures thorough breakdown, leading to higher juice yields compared to alternative juicer types.

Limited Oxidation: Reviewers frequently underscore the minimal oxidation present in the juice produced by this machine. The gradual extraction method effectively safeguards nutrients and enzymes, enhancing the health benefits of the resulting juice.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: The unhurried pace at which this juicer operates translates into a noise level significantly lower than its faster centrifugal counterparts, which is particularly advantageous in noise-sensitive environments.

Ease of Cleaning: Many users appreciate the straightforward assembly and disassembly of the Omega J8006HDC, making the cleaning process relatively uncomplicated. However, like most juicers, it necessitates thorough cleaning after each use to prevent residue buildup.

Considerations: While the Omega J8006HDC delivers a host of advantages, there are a few aspects to contemplate. The leisurely juicing process can consume more time, demanding additional effort in chopping and preparing ingredients to fit the narrower feeding chute. Moreover, prospective buyers should factor in the initial investment as slow masticating juicers like this one typically entail higher upfront costs compared to centrifugal options.

Conclusion: The Omega J8006HDC Slow Masticating Juicer garners substantial praise from users for its exceptional juice extraction, adaptability, and noise-reduced operation. Its capacity to accommodate diverse ingredients and functions positions it as a valuable asset for health-conscious households. However, users must be prepared for the slower extraction pace and should factor in the initial financial outlay when evaluating the suitability of this juicer.

buy now

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How to overcome relationship crisis



Every couple faces certain problems sooner or later. But how to overcome relationship crisis, or to disperse and continue to build a life separately from a partner.

Table of Contents

Where does it all begin?

Of course, like any good love story. We think we’re starting to have feelings for a real person. But in fact, we fall in love with the image of a man. We put on him the ideal picture that we want, are forced or prefer to see.

What is this image? It can be a team, peeped from relatives and friends. It can also be the implementation of direct instructions that our parents gave us from childhood.

What’s next?

Our life is richer than plans. Therefore, the ideal image at some point begins to crumble. The real actions of a person do not at all correspond to what we have already drawn in our minds. A certain tension begins to arise inside. Confusion and misunderstanding of what will happen next. If such a state is ignored for a long time, a crisis appears in its place.

During this period, it is very important to have knowledge of how to properly experience all the events that happen to you.

So, what happens after we understand that the fictional image of a person does not correspond to reality?

Win by any means

You set the goal of fitting a person with his behavior to a fictional image. All methods are used: persuasion of a partner, attempts to recycle him, blackmail and manipulation. All in order for the image to start to fit.

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But this scenario is absolutely unpromising. Yes, you may still be able to remake your partner. However, there will be no happiness in the relationship either.


You understand that the person does not match the image, so you see the only logical solution to the problem – to break off this relationship. Yes, you can. Only now the image you have drawn still remains in the heart. Continue to keep it and cherish it. You either devalue this image, or painfully stop contact with it, because you do not need compromises.

This path will not lead you to happiness either.


Pretend the problems don’t exist. But conflicts continue, tension accumulates, and over time it becomes impossible to turn a blind eye to what is happening in life. Many questions immediately arise: what to do? Go to therapy or divorce?

Yes, not all people experience a crisis. The reason for most divorces is that the couple cannot go through it together and develop, overcoming problems. Understand your emotions, feelings and feel harmony.


So, we got to the same universal option. This is because, despite the fact that disappointment has a negative connotation, it is useful. After all, when we experience these emotions, we are faced with an alternative: to continue trying to remake the other person, or to ignore the problems, rolling back. Or think – what is my partner, if not the one I painted for myself?

Curiosity is a universal way to overcome a crisis


Remember the last time you were really interested in your partner? How does he live, what values ​​does he have and what does he dream about? What are the reactions to your words and actions?

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It is at this stage that the contours of a man begin to appear, you look at the real him. There is a CHANCE to fall in love not with resentment, but with a person who is just next to you.

By starting to be interested again, you will have every opportunity to get out of the crisis as happy people. Therefore, already now, at whatever stage of the relationship you are, try to do the following exercise. Notice five interesting phenomena in your partner. Through conversations, discover something new about him, find out his feelings and desires. This is one of the best way to overcome relationship crisis

Make it a point to talk, be interested, and discover new traits in your partner. Be dynamic, stay in touch, and then the crisis simply will not have the ground to arise.

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Fashion & Beauty

Deodorant or Antiperspirant



which vitamin is necessary for skin

Microorganisms that are active on human skin are constantly multiplying, provoking the appearance of unpleasant odors. Just one drop of sweat is enough for bacteria to become active in a warm, humid environment, provoking the appearance of a sharp rejecting odor. Just taking a shower is not enough – the skin needs additional measures to protect against sweat. Deodorants and antiperspirants cope with the task at 100% .

Table of Contents

What is a deodorant & fundamental difference from an antiperspirant?

Let’s get it right!

Deodorant is an important and necessary personal hygiene product. The important habit of using special products that protect the body from the appearance of unpleasant odors should become a daily habit.

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? How to choose a personal care product? What ingredients in formulas should be avoided?

Which is better: deodorant or antiperspirant

Antiperspirants and deodorants serve different purposes. The former provide maximum protection against sweat and are especially relevant for intense sweating – due to the physical characteristics of the body, increased stress, sports training.

Deodorants do not block the processes of perspiration, but only eliminate unpleasant odors, which is optimal for the daily rhythm of life.

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant? How to choose a personal care product? What ingredients in formulas should be avoided? Details are in the article!

How to choose the right deodorant

When choosing a deodorant, it is important to pay attention to 3 parameters:

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The release form of the product is spray or roll.

Composition – make sure that the product formula does not contain aluminum salts, alcohol, parabens, preservatives.

Aroma – it all depends solely on individual taste preferences.

And if we have already figured out the forms of release of antiperspirants, then what composition should a personal hygiene product have?

Modern manufacturers offer different variations of compositions. Do not be lazy to read what is written on the package in small print. As a rule, the composition of a deodorant-antiperspirant includes:

bactericidal substances (chlorhexidine, triclosan, glyceryl), designed to combat the activity and reproduction of bacteria;

components that prevent the processes of intense sweating (for example, zinc salts);

absorbent ingredients (talc, powder) that absorb excess sweat;

care components (natural plant extracts, extracts, oils) that have a calming and softening effect on the dermis;
soothing ingredients (aloe vera, tea tree, cotton extracts, vitamins) that protect the dermis from irritation and promote rapid healing of damage.

Give preference to natural compounds – demonstrating high efficiency in protecting against unpleasant odors, they are completely safe for the skin and the health of the body as a whole.

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Anniversary gift ideas for parents / for mom & dad



Anniversary gift ideas for parents / for mom & dad

As children, we looked forward to gifts from mom and dad, and now it’s time to please them. When choosing what is better to give to parents, it is worth remembering the difference in generations and the physical capabilities of older people. A certificate for a parachute jump is unlikely to be to their liking, and a trendy youth quest may simply not be to their liking.

Table of Contents

Pets should also not be given without prior agreement – even a turtle needs its own care, for which parents may not have the time and energy. It is better that the gift is useful – trinkets like figurines only collect dust and clutter up the space.

Gift Ideas for Parents

Gift ideas for parents can be divided into three conditional categories. Let’s talk in detail about each of them.


They cannot be put on a shelf, but such presents can be remembered for many years. For a birthday, it will be a good idea to pay the birthday boy a trip to the country of his dreams or give tickets to a concert of your favorite artist. Women will certainly like spa treatments, a certificate for adapted yoga classes or a subscription to a beautician. Now master classes are also very popular – if quests are considered more of a youth hobby, then in this β€œniche” there are activities for all ages.

Cooking, drawing, mosaic, embroidery – this is just an incomplete list of master classes for the fair sex. Shooting at a shooting range, throwing knives and counter-emergency driving can be suitable for men – of course, if there are no health contraindications to it.

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What to give parents for the New Year?

Gifts-impressions are also relevant in this case, especially if you add thematic accents to them. The same master class can be devoted to painting a Christmas decoration or making gingerbread cookies. During the period of self-isolation, webinars from interior designers on New Year’s decoration of the house are also relevant.


Commemorative gifts

Such gifts are usually timed to coincide with a significant date – a wedding anniversary, anniversary, professional holiday, and the like. What to give a child to parents on their wedding anniversary? Many older people do not pay attention to these dates – except that they can make an exception for the gold and silver anniversaries. Therefore, you can arrange a surprise for parents.

For example, a family photo shoot in a rented studio will be relevant – the main thing is to gather all close relatives. Elderly people are worried that now everyone keeps frames of their memories in smartphones or computers, and printed pictures from a photo shoot will update home photo albums.

Various personalized items are also suitable for the anniversary – a watch with engraving, a purse. Now photo printing is also popular – on pillows, plates and other items. The main thing is to choose a picture that the hero of the occasion likes and contact a trusted printing house. You can also order a birthday cake from the pastry shop. It all depends on the imagination of the donor and the nature of the holiday. A football fan will like cakes with the logo of his favorite club, a gardener – a cake in the form of a basket with a harvest. In general, the list is endless.

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Useful gifts

As we have already said, figurines and other trinkets for people of age are not the best option. Many of them are used to solving household issues β€œthe old fashioned way” and consider a robot vacuum cleaner or a dishwasher to be pampering for the lazy. Meanwhile, such devices can make life easier for parents and save their time. They will not buy this for themselves, but they will certainly want to master the miracle technique donated by their beloved relatives. Of course, it is better not to tell parents about the cost of the present – even very profitable electronics may seem expensive to the older generation.

What can you give parents from the category of useful gifts? It can be a massage cape for a chair, the range of which is now quite large. Older people spend a lot of time in a sitting position – they watch TV, read, do crossword puzzles and do needlework. However, most of them periodically experience pain in the neck and back, which they prefer not to pay attention to.

A massage chair cover will help parents combine business with pleasure – that is, rest and “prevention” of pain. After presenting a gift, it is better to immediately demonstrate it in work so that the heroes of the occasion do not have to deal with the instructions on their own. This basically applies to any technical presentations.

To simplify the life of parents, a steam cleaner will help – a device that can remove dirt from almost any surface without the use of detergents. In simple terms, a steam cleaner is a modern hybrid of a steam iron and a vacuum cleaner, only with the opposite action.

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He is able to get to the most inaccessible places – cracks, grooves and narrow holes. A steam cleaner is definitely a good gift idea for a parent’s birthday or any other occasion. It greatly facilitates cleaning, reduces its time and at the same time does not require serious physical costs. These are the few best gift ideas for parents.

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