Grubb Institute England UK

Grubb Institute England UK


It is a registered company limited by shares (registered in England and Wales No. 890637) and a registered charity (No. 313460). Our Legacy We were established as a Christian founding in 1957 as a Christian Command Trust that worked on matters of faith, life and education in people’s working lives. The work of trust in understanding human behavior led to participation in the early development of the group relationship movement. The name change to the Grubb Institute for Behavioral Research in 1969 was in recognition of the fact that since 1966 the Trust has been a winning assignment for consulting and applied research projects, in which it is now regarded as one professional body, competing in the world’s secular universities, research organizations and consulting departments.

In the 70s and 80s the institute immersed itself in the most important social problems of the time with help, for example, original work from the prison service, the transition to the Life Work Program for the unemployed and even working with communities in Northern Ireland at the height of the Troubles. In the 1990s, the development of key frameworks and methodologies stemming from our experience. In the early 1990s, this experience, accumulated in the transformation of institutions led to the development of the Transforming Experience Framework. Since then, these conceptual frameworks and methodologies have been constantly being revised and adapted in the fields of education, health and welfare, business, industry, government agencies, the voluntary sector, and faith-based organizations.

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Our difference lies in our integrated approach, which aligns experience gained from the humanities with faith and faith, through applied research to generate a positive effect and transformation in society. Our contribution lies in providing opportunities that free people to choose roles in organizations and communities that are not only good for the individual, but good for everyone.

What We Believe We must challenge complacency, assumptions, guilt, and skepticism; rethink the misdirected political correctness and inability to tell the truth and the constant need to tell people what they think they need to hear. Ultimately, success is for people to do the best job they possibly can. We believe in helping people realize they have more options than they think they have. If there is no clear direction or vision, people make their own rules and that just doesn’t work. Once the goal is clear people naturally decide if they are for him and are willing to work for him or not. A collaborative team will naturally promote teamwork.

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