What is the Richest State in the US?

What is the Richest State in the US?

For foreign students, the rich US states are attractive not only for their well-being. A brilliant education with the prospect of further dizzying careers are the main reasons for the desire of many yesterday’s schoolchildren to study in a wealthy area. Graduates of top universities enjoy great prestige among eminent employers, and a low unemployment rate and a high level of income of the population show the prospects for studying and living here.

What is the Richest State in the US

List of richest states in the US
wealthy states of the usa
The Golden State is the name given to California, the richest state in America. A record number of not just wealthy Americans live here, 80 billionaires and 660 thousand millionaires. This is an absolute world record for the number of rich residents.

California is famous for:

Developments in the field of information technology. Silicon Valley is located here – a leader in innovation with world-famous American companies.

Aerospace industry.

The entertainment industry. In California Hollywood, masterpieces of cinema and television appear.

The extraction and processing of oil is developed.

About 200 thousand students study in this “paradise” corner of America. All of them are educated at the University of California, which includes 10 branches. The most popular educational institutions of the richest US state:

The University of California, Berkeley is a research institute with unique curricula in economics, physics, chemistry, biology, and information technology.

The University of California Los Angeles is one of the oldest and most significant state universities, it ranks high in the world rankings of educational institutions.
The second place in the list of the richest states in the United States is occupied by the “land of Lincoln” – Illinois. It boasts rich natural resources, developed economy and agriculture. Every year, the coal and oil industries are gaining high momentum. Residents have a decent income, and the unemployment rate does not even reach 9%.

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Thousands of foreign applicants come to this wealthy US state every year. From a large number of colleges and institutes, most often choose:

The University of Chicago is a private research university known for its influence in the field of science.

Northwestern Institute – is famous for its excellent training in business, engineering and journalism.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of the largest, teaching more than 50 thousand students in master’s and undergraduate programs.
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According to statistics, New York is not only a wealthy US state, it is called the industrial center of America. Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, oil refining and light industry are developed here. The state occupies a leading position in the field of telecommunications, securities trading, banking, and real estate trading.

As a rule, students who graduated from universities in New York find work in this one of the richest states in the United States. Especially popular in eminent corporations are graduates with diplomas from the following higher educational institutions:

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College of New York State University in Portland – trains professionals in the field of design, economics, medicine, pedagogy. By the way, students of this university have the opportunity to earn money right on campus.

Buffalo is the largest educational institution, famous for its strong academic programs in the field of medicine, law, and architecture.

The Columbia Institute is the pride of the state, is part of the elite group of the Ivy League. Students have an excellent opportunity not only to receive a prestigious education, but also to feel the spirit of the famous metropolis.

richest states in the usa
What is the richest US state, ideal for studying and living? Of course, Florida. According to statistics, the population is increasing daily. The main reasons for moving are low taxes, cheap rented apartments and affordable real estate prices. Miami is very popular. For a long time the city has become multinational, more than half of the inhabitants are emigrants from other countries.

In addition to the unique nature and comfortable climate, this rich state of America is famous for its universities, whose students receive an excellent education. These include:

The University of Florida is a large international institution located in Gainesville. Known for active research activities, high-level training in engineering and sports activities.

The University of South Florida is one of the leaders in the field of research.

The Miami Institute is a private, non-profit higher education institution that occupies top positions in the best academic rankings around the world. The most popular areas are management, business, economics, social and human sciences.

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Texas is the richest state in America. The state is continuously experiencing an active growth of the economy and income of the population. It is here that the famous IT companies are located. In addition, low housing prices and the absence of income tax can be considered undoubted advantages of Texas.

There are many large higher education institutions in Texas that are very willing to accept foreign applicants. Most requested:

Texas State University – it has more than 40 thousand students from all over the world. The university presents numerous programs in engineering, medicine, business, mathematics, and physics.

University of Texas At Austin is an ideal place to study computer science, pharmaceuticals, and accounting.

The Texas Institute of Technology is an aspirational destination for applicants who have decided to excel in veterinary, engineering, and biomedical sciences.
Positions in the list of the richest US states are constantly changing, but the value of quality education remains unchanged. Choosing a university, of course, students strive to be in a safe and comfortable environment. Undoubtedly, well-being largely depends on the atmosphere in which yesterday’s schoolchild finds himself. Therefore, many people find out in advance which is the richest US state in order not only to get an excellent education, but also to get a unique experience while working in this country.

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