Important Questions of Money Banking and Finance Part 1

Money Banking and Finance Questions


1- Discuss the Different Types of Bank

2- Discuss the Function of Commercial Bank

3- What is Central Bank Explain its Functions

4- Define the Term Banker and Customer

5- Define Banker and Customer Relationship

6- Role of Central Bank as the Controller of Credit

7- How do Commercial Banks create Credit Explain

8- Definition of Letter of Credit in Banking

9- What is Barter System and its Difficulties

10- What is Paper Money in Economics

11- Define Money and Discuss its Functions

12- Explain Critically fisher’s Quantity Theory of Money

13-What is Money and What Important Function Does it Perform

14-What is Inflation and its Kinds

15-What are the causes of inflation? How it can be Controlled?

16-Define the term Trade Cycle & its Different Phases

17-Define Deflation and Discuss its Causes

18-Define Nationalization in Economics

19- Define Privatization in Economic Terms

20- What are the Causes of Trade Cycle & How to Control it

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21- Remedies to Control Trade Cycle

22- Define Finance & Various Source of Business

23- Difference between Non Interest Banking and Islamic Banking



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