The Jewel of the World Question Answer

The Jewel of the World Question Answer


Q. 1: Give an account of the early career of Abd-al-Rehman I, his dramatic escape and his adventures in Africa?


Ans: In 750, after the defeat of the Umayyad family, once when he was in Bedouin camp, the Abbasid soldiers came to kill him and his brother, he saved his life by diving into the river and swam away from the reach of the Abbasid army. He bore much hardship and reached Spain.



Q. 2: How did Abd-al-Rehman deal with the governor appointed by the Abbasid caliph to contest his rule?


Ans: Abd-al-Rehman killed the caliph, preserved his head in salt and camphor, wrapped in back flag and presented it to the Abbasid caliph with letter of appointment.



Q. 3: What did the Abbasid caliph say on receiving the head of his governor?


Ans: On receiving the head of his governor, he was filled with horror and said “Thanks be to Allah for having placed the sea between us and such a foe”.

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Q. 4: What did Abd-al-Rehman do to make himself strong and to beautify his capital?


Ans: To make himself strong, he trained a well disciplined army of 40,000 of more Berbers and to beautify his capital,. he introduced a system of pure water. He built up a palace for himself and a garden by its sides. He founded the great most of Cordova.



Q. 5: Give an account of the all-round progress made by the Arabs under Abd-al-Rehman III?


Ans: During his reign, weaving, leather making, silk, glass ware, brass work and the art of other metals flourished in Spain. Cordova became one of the most cultured city. It had 70 libraries and number of books. He enlarged the university ofCordova and established a library with collection of 4, 00,000 books.



Q. 6: What did Al- Hakam do to promote learning and scholarship in his kingdom?


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Ans: Al- Hakam was the successor of Abd- al-Rehman III, and was a learned man. He patronized learning. He enlarge the university of Cordova and established a library with a collection of 4, 00,000 books.



7: Give the early physical appearance of Abd-al-Rehman I?


Ans: He was a striking young man of 20, tall lean, with sharp aquiline features and red hair .he was an able man with strong will power.



Q. 8: Describe the royal palace, al-Zahra?


Ans: The royal palace, Al-Zahra was the most beautiful palace in the world. Imported marbles and other material were used in its construction. It had 400 rooms and apartments. Thousands of slaves and body-guards of “Amir” lived there.



9: Why was “Generalife” ( Jannat-al-arif) so famous?


Ans: The word “Generalife” comes from the Arabic word “ Jannat-al-arif”, which means “the inspector’s paradise”. It was one of the best known gardens of Spain. It was famous because o its wide shades, waterfalls and soft breeze. It was in the form of an amphitheatre and was irrigated by many streams.

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