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Money Banking and Finance Notes B.com Part 1 PDF

Money Banking and Finance Notes PDF

This is one of the best piece of Money Banking and Finance Notes. It have 059 (Fifty Nine Only) Pages. This is written in a very well manner especially with respect to a normal person, so that we can understand easily. Reading Novels is the best activity during leisure just due to its advantages just like best command in your language etc. We will try to provide you the best piece of Novels all the times. The right hemisphere controls our imagination, visual and spatial perception. It is responsible for the perception of art, music and our physical movements. We will be happy if you share your thoughts or any kind of problem you face during reading and downloading the Novels in our comments section. Feel Free to contact us.



Banking and Finance Notes

IMP Questions

1- Discuss the Different Types of Bank

2- Discuss the Function of Commercial Bank

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3- What is Central Bank Explain its Functions

4- Define the Term Banker and Customer

5- Define Banker and Customer Relationship

6- Role of Central Bank as the Controller of Credit

7- How do Commercial Banks create Credit Explain

8- Definition of Letter of Credit in Banking

9- What is Barter System and its Difficulties

10- What is Paper Money in Economics

11- Define Money and Discuss its Functions

12- Explain Critically fisher’s Quantity Theory of Money

13-What is Money and What Important Function Does it Perform

14-What is Inflation and its Kinds

15-What are the causes of inflation? How it can be Controlled?

16-Define the term Trade Cycle & its Different Phases

17-Define Deflation and Discuss its Causes

18-Define Nationalization in Economics

19- Define Privatization in Economic Terms

20- What are the Causes of Trade Cycle & How to Control it

21- Remedies to Control Trade Cycle

22- Define Finance & Various Source of Business

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23- Difference between Non Interest Banking and Islamic Banking

Let’s imagine the role of “driver”. “Driver” is a functional object. By the way, the name of this role was specially invented and entrenched in culture. It is important for people to discuss functional objects (roles). The behavior or function of the driver is the control of the vehicle. Driving a car is a role (functional) behavior. Do not confuse role and role behavior. A physical object can be a specially trained person or artificial intelligence. Each of the three considerations is necessary and cannot be neglected.

Similarly, we can say that there is a physical object – the brain. The functional object (role) will be intellect. Brain behavior is thinking. Synonyms can be given: intellect = mental skill = mind, thinking = calculation = reasoning = knowledge. Having imposed such formal rigor, one can further study how to create a system of “an agent who changes the world for the better.”

I’ll tell you separately how a function differs from a service, and then it will be clear why the concept of “thinking” has so many synonyms. I will also tell you about the importance of the names of systems and roles (as functional objects).

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