Nimrat Khaira Age Biography, Height, Wiki, Net Worth

Nimrat Khaira Age Biography

Nimrat Khaira Age Biography: Nimrat Khaira is a talented Indian singer, actor, and playback artist. She is also a part of the Bollywood film industry. She is famous for her performance in the film Chal Mera Putt (2019).

Nimrat Khaira Age

Her birthday is August 8th, 1992, and she was born in Batala, which is located in the Indian state of Punjab.

Nimrat Khaira Education:

She graduated from D.A.V School in Batala, Punjab, where she had been receiving private coaching. She attended HMV school in Jalandhar, Punjab, and received her degree in Biotechnology there.

Nimrat Khaira’s Age Biography, Stats on Height, Weight, and Body Composition:

Singing Career: She is also the champion of the third season of The Voice of Punjab. After the release of her song “Ishq Kacheri,” she began to get praise and admiration. In addition, she gave a performance during the Saras Mela, which took place in Bathinda. In addition to that, she was the presenter of the third edition of the Radio Mirchi Music Awards. In addition, she launched her career as a singer with a two-part harmony song titled “Rab Karke,” which she sang with Nishawn Bhullar and was released in the year 2015. The audience had a really positive reception to the track.

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In addition, she was honoured at the Filmare Punjabi Award and received the award for Best Female Actress for her role in the coupling “Dubai Wale Sheik” from Manje Bistre at the Brit Asia Awards. Additionally, the tune peaked at number one on the UK Asian chart. Within the guideline, her song “Suit” made it into the top 20.

Her song “Planner,” which was composed by Deep Jandu and produced by Zwirek, became the subject of controversy when an unknown arranger named Zwirek claimed credit for the music. Subsequently, the song was removed from YouTube.

Nimrat Khaira Film Career:

She debuted in the film Lahoriye, in which she portrayed the role of Harleen Kaur. This was the beginning of her film career. Her first appearance in a film was well received by the audience. In addition to that, she was recognised as having the Best Debut Performance and the Best Supporting Actress honours over a number of other award ceremonies.

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2018 saw the release of her second film, titled Afsar. In this movie, Nimrat Khaira was the one who taught Tarsem Jassar how to act on screen. She pretended to be Harman, a teacher at the government school, but in reality she was acting out the role. The release of her film Jodi, which will be composed by Amberdeep Singh and directed by Amberdeep Singh, is scheduled for the year 2020. Diljit Dosanjh appears with her in the movie as a co-star. After working together on “Lahoriye,” this is her second project with Singh and Rhythm Boyz Entertainment (2017).

Nimrat Khaira Movies List:

Singles: “Rab Karke” (2015)
“SP De Rank Wargi” (2016)
“Ishq Kacheri” (2016)
“Salute Wajde” (2016)
“Taanvi Changa Lagda” (2016)
“Rohab Rakhdi” (2017)
“Jhumke” (2017) (2017)
“Dubai Wale Sheikh” (2017)
“DJ Waaleya” (2017)
“Akhar” (2017) (2017)
“Bhangra Gidha” (2017)
“Suit” (2017) (2017)
“Designer” (2017) (2017)
“Brober Boli” (2018)
“Ranihaar” (2018) (2018)
“Sun Sohniye” (2018)
“Udhaar Chalda” (2018)
“Khat” (2018) (2018)
“Ravaya Na Kar” (2018)
The phrase “Sacha Jhootha” (2018)
“Tohar” (2019) (2019)
“Jattan De Munde” (2019)
“Channan” (2019) (2019)
“Baddlan De Kaalje” (2019)
“Supna Laavan Da” (2019)
“Lehnga” (2020) (2020)
“Majhe Wal Da” (2020)
“Ajj Kal Ajj Kal” (2020)
“Vail” (2020) (2020)
“Sohne Sohne Suit” (2020)
The term “Track Suit” (2020)
“Lemme Check” (2020)
“Sangdi Sangdi” (2020)
“Busy Busy” (2020) “Time Chakda” (2020)
Movies: Lahoriye (2017) (Harleen Kaur) Afsar (2018) (Harman)
Chal Mera Putt (2019)
Jodi (2020) (TBA) (TBA)
Saunkan Saunkne (2021) (TBA)

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Nimrat Khaira net As of the year 2021, it is anticipated that Nimrat Khaira will have a net worth of $1.5 million.


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