Peya Jannatul Age Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Height

Peya Jannatul Age Biography

Peya Jannatul Age Biography: Peya Jannatul, also known as Jannatul Ferdous Peya, is a Bangladeshi model, actress, and lawyer. She was born and raised in Bangladesh. Her full name is Jannatul Ferdous Peya. She is the current Miss Bangladesh 2007 and previously held the title of Marvel Event Champion.

Peya Jannatul Age

Her birthday is May 4th, and she was born in 1991. At this point in time, Peya Jannatul is 31 years old. Her performances in the films Gangster Returns (2015) and Prem Ki Bujhini have garnered her much praise (2017).

Peya Jannatul Early Life

Peya was born in Khulna, and she received her education there. She attended Coronation Girls High School in Khulna and received her Senior Secondary Certificate from the government in 2007. After that, she relocated to Dhaka in order to complete her HSC. Later in life, she attended the University of London and earned a Bachelor of Laws degree while studying as an external student so that she could fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. At the moment, she is acting in the capacity of a promoter for the Bangladesh Bar Council.

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Peya Jannatul Professional Career

Peya’s professional modelling career started in 2008, after she had already been crowned Miss Bangladesh in 2007. Prior to that, she had won the pageant in 2007. During the years 2014 and 2015, she was employed as a model by the India-based company Mascot Model Management, which is located in New Delhi. In addition to that, she was featured in a music video in Hindi the same year, and she went on to win the title of Miss Indian Princess International, besting competitors from 19 countries.

To this point, she has appeared in a few other dramatisations, such as “To Be or Not to Be” and “Projapotir Shukh Dukkho,” among others. Her debut in the film industry came in 2012 with the film Chorabali, which was directed by Redwan Rony. Her subsequent releases were titled Gangster Returns and Story of Samara respectively.

Peya was given the honour of being chosen the brand representative for TRESemm√© in February of 2017. TRESemm√© is a well-known hair care and styling company that is associated with New York Fashion Week (NYFW). This year’s New York Fashion Week was attended by the stunning diva. The New York Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion events in the whole globe since it brings together models, businesses, and event coordinators. She expressed her intention to serve in the role of a model influencer and said that it was a great honour for her to be the first Bangladeshi model to be present at the event.

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Peya’s promotion to the role of brand minister of Yamaha Motorcycles Bangladesh took place in September of 2018. In addition to having a successful career as a model, she also served as a cricket coordinator for the 2017 edition of the BPL. She appeared on the GTV screen in the role of host during BPL 2018. Due to the enormous response she received over these two seasons of guiding the BPL, she has been invited to function as a moderator for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019. She is the only person from Bangladesh to serve in the role of moderator for the ICC World Cup.

Peya Jannatul Net Worth

The entire value of Peya Jannatul’s assets is estimated to be between $1 and $5 million dollars as of the year 2020. She is both a talented actress on television and an accomplished attorney.

Peya Jannatul Movies List

Chorabali is in the list of movies (2012)
Samara’s Life Narrated Here (2015)
Gangster Returns (2015)
The Prem Probashir (2015)
Chitmohol (2016) (2016)
Prem Ki Bujhini (2017)
Awards: Awards for the title of Miss Bangladesh
Bachsas Awards
Awards for the Position of Miss Indian Princess International

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