What are the States of Matter in Physics

States of Matter in Physics


States of Matter:

Matter has been classified into three states. These states are discussed below:



  1. Solid:


According to the kinetic theory of matter, solid has the least kinetic energy. The properties of solids are given below:


a- The particles are very close to each other.

b -Their shape and volume is fixed.

c- Particles in a solid vibrate to and fro from their mean position.

d- On heating they melt and convert into liquid.

e- Some solids also convert directly into gas on heating.



  1. Liquid:


According to the kinetic theory of matter, liquids have the following properties


a- They have greater kinetic energy than solids but less than that of gases.

b- The volume of liquid is fixed.

c- They move more freely than solids.

d- The attraction between molecules is lower than solids.

e- The distance between the molecules is greater than that of solids.

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f- On heating, they convert into vapors.

g- On cooling, they convert into solid.




  1. Gas:


According to the kinetic molecular theory, gases possess the following properties.


a- Gases possess more kinetic energy.

b- Their shape and volume are not fixed.

c- The distance between their molecules is large.

d- Their temperature is proportional to their kinetic energy.

e- Their temperature rises with increase in pressure.

f- On cooling, they convert into liquid and gases.



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