University of Pheonix in USA

University of Pheonix in USA

The University of Phoenix is ​​a private higher education institution in America. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The specificity of the institute is that most of the classes are conducted online. But the institute also has campuses with training centers.
History of the University of Phoenix
university of phoenix
The University of Phoenix was founded in 1976 with the participation of well-known businessman John Sperling. He wanted education in the States to become more accessible to everyone, including the older population. The admission rules stated that the minimum age of a student must be twenty-three years. In addition, the applicant should already have had a minimum work experience. But soon such requirements were abolished so that absolutely everyone could really study at the institute.

University of Pheonix in USA

Owned by Apollo Education Group, Inc. It is one of the largest of its kind, and it was he who stepped up the emergence of private universities throughout America.

When training was just beginning, only eight students were enrolled in the course. In 1978, the University of Phoenix had already received accreditation, and a few years later the first campus appeared. The Institute began to actively promote online learning. It was it that became the main direction in the work and the “visiting card” of the university.

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In 1994, the University of Phoenix took a leap in development. This happened due to the great financial influence from the Apollo Education Group, which was also owned by John Sperling. If in 2000 the number of students numbered about one hundred thousand people, then exactly one year later there were already six hundred thousand.

But all of them were not only online students. The University of Phoenix has more than two hundred campuses where students received education in a stationary mode. These centers are located not only in the States, but throughout the world. The first one was founded in 1998 in Vancouver. At that time, eight schools were offered to students. They could choose business, social sciences, medicine, finance, law and get a bachelor’s degree, a specialist’s degree, a master’s degree, or even a doctorate.

The teaching policy at the University of Phoenix has often been criticized. And there were good reasons for this. For example, in 2010 the percentage of students who received a degree was very small. Only 5% were able to finish their studies to the final end. At the same time, the university received more grants than any other university. In one of the academic years, Phoenix received almost two and a half billion dollars from the state.

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From 2010 to 2016, enrollment at the University of Phoenix dropped by 70%. This was influenced by numerous litigation and controversy. In 2016, the university was bought out by a group of companies, providing financial assistance, the amount of which exceeded three hundred million dollars.

Specialties and directions in teaching University of Phoenix
Today, the University of Phoenix relies on its resource centers for online learning. The management is not going to change the policy and principles of the institution. Therefore, such centers open with enviable regularity. They help students communicate with each other, as well as receive advice from professors and teachers.

Despite criticism from the outside, the University of Phoenix continues to grow and enjoy great popularity among both Native Americans and representatives of other nationalities.

List of specialties taught in Phoenix:

research activities;
finance and business;
educational programs;
medicine, including the school of nursing;
health management;
sociology and psychology;
computer technologies and informatics;
jurisprudence and justice;
social sciences.
Each of the students can freely use online resources. This is a library, books, magazines. All of this is in digital format and is always available. However, not all scientists and even graduates of the institute speak positively about such a system of education. Many of them consider it weak and undermining the general level of knowledge in the whole country.

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Admission and results
Anyone who has completed high school and can provide the relevant documents can enter the University of Phoenix. About a third of all students are white, twenty percent are African American, ten are Hispanic, and only one percent are Asian. The remaining thirty percent are from other nationalities. From this we can conclude that this is the most international university in all the United States.

No matter how much criticism the University of Phoenix succumbed to, many well-known people throughout America and even the world graduated from it. These include:

Christina Brown. Popular American TV presenter.
Shaquille O’Neal. One of the most famous and legendary NBA basketball players.
Lisa Leslie. Three-time Olympic champion.
Michael Russell. Professional tennis player.
Larry Fitzgerald. Successful footballer.
Howard Schmidt. Director of Security at the White House under President Barack Obama.
Mary Peters. America’s Secretary of Transportation.
Diane Hamilton. Well-known leading and successful business woman.
Kirkland H. Donald. Admiral of the United States Navy.

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