Best Universities in New Jersey

Best Universities in New Jersey

New Jersey State Universities provide an excellent store of knowledge and a start in life. From them, students come out as highly qualified specialists in various fields. Many famous people graduated from New Jersey State Universities, including politicians, military men, scientists, writers, actors. In this region there are several large educational institutions that are worthy of the attention of applicants.

Popular Universities in New Jersey USA

Princeton University in New Jersey
The most famous and popular university in New Jersey was founded in 1746. Refers to private research universities. It is part of the Ivy League association, which makes it more desirable for students. But it is not so easy to enter it because of the high requirements that are put forward to those who wish.

The main campus of the university is located on five hundred acres of land. There are already one hundred and eighty buildings of the Institute. These include buildings that contain classrooms for learning, as well as research and scientific laboratories, as well as dormitories for students. The campus is open to tourists, so anyone can visit the campus.

Why do many people want to go to this particular university in New Jersey?

Many major cities can be quickly reached by public transport. One of them is New York. It can be reached by bus in just an hour.
There are over 300 communities of interest.
There is 1 teacher for 6 students. This is the highest rate of any institution in America.
Here is the largest endowment not only in the US, but throughout the world.
37 Nobel Prize winners studied or collaborated with this university.

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Best Universities in New Jersey

Rutgers University of New Jersey
Public educational institution, which is one of the largest in New Jersey. It was founded in 1766. If we talk about all the oldest universities in the States, then this one ranks eighth in the ranking. It existed even before America became independent.

If in the old days only boys were admitted to the university, now anyone can study in it. In total, he has four campuses, which are scattered throughout the state of New Jersey.

Here you can get a bachelor’s degree by choosing one of hundreds of specialties. The same number of programs are offered at the master’s level. But the doctoral degree was narrowed down to eighty specialties. Since the university is classified as a research university, it has one hundred and seventy-five scientific departments. You can also get post-graduate education here.

New Jersey Institute of Technology
It was founded in 1881 as a technical school. In 1885, 88 people studied there. To date, the number of students at the university has exceeded eight thousand.

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The on-campus labs spend $130 million on research every year. The strongest areas of study are business, architecture, science and technology.

The campus is located just a few minutes drive from New York and occupies 45 acres of land. Students really like this location, because in their free time they can take a bus and go to New York to relax or visit museums, theaters, galleries.

There is 1 teacher for every 17 students. Most often, the number of students in one group does not exceed 20 people. The graduation rate is 1/5 and the enrollment rate is 68%. Education at the university averages 20 thousand dollars a year for citizens of the country and 40 for foreigners.
new jersey state universities
Drew University of New Jersey
Founded in 1867 and based in Madison. This New Jersey university has a liberal arts focus. Since its foundation, it has worked as a seminary. Now it occupies the first position in the ranking of the oldest and most respected educational institutions in all of America. Included in the TOP-100 best institutions with a humanitarian focus in the United States.

Despite the high status, there are not so many students here, just over two thousand. Therefore, each of them is given maximum attention in order to develop individual qualities and talents. Achievement is always kept at the proper level.

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But they are not only concerned with theory. That is why all graduates find high-paying jobs in the best companies in America in the first months after receiving a diploma. In addition to such humanitarian specialties as history, painting, theater arts, the institute trains specialists in engineering, finance, and healthcare.

Seton Hall in New Jersey
It was founded in 1856. But the educational institution received the status of a university only in 1950. Prior to that, it had a religious character, as it was founded by a bishop.

The campus is located in South Orange. It includes eight schools where students can choose one of eighty specializations. In total, more than 10 thousand people study here. The most popular areas include schools of arts and sciences, a business school, as well as the training of future doctors. In addition to full-time education, here you can get a diploma in an online program.

In addition to the listed universities in New Jersey, there are several more popular educational institutions with high ratings that foreigners from all over the world can enroll in:

Montclair State University;
Stevens Institute of Technology;
William Paterson University.

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