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Top 10 Sport Universities in America

Top 10 Sport Universities in America

For admission to sports universities in America, foreign applicants must meet the following requirements:

have a certificate of secondary education issued by an educational institution accredited at the regional level abroad;

the value of the average score is from 3.0 and above;

knowledge of English (score based on TOEFL exam results – from 565, IELTS – at least 6.0).

Bachelors of Sports are available to work in the field of coaching, training, physical education. Below is a summary of the top 6 sports universities in the US according to QS WUR.

Sports University UM-Flint (University of Michigan Flint)

A public university in Michigan has been active in research and academic work since 1956 . An educational institution with a student campus is located in the city of Flint. According to the volume of students, the university belongs to the middle category, about 9,000 people study here every year . Local and visiting applicants enter here on the same conditions.

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University of Florida

The best sports universities in the United States are worthily represented by a non-profit university located in Miami (Florida). The institution was founded in 1972 , the successful location of the facility, beautiful countryside views attract students from all over the world. People of any religion study here, gender distribution is not provided.

Top 10 Sport Universities in America

The university has passed all accreditations and is included in the ranking of the most popular universities in the world.

OSU (Ohio State University-Columbus)

The state sports university has been operating since 1870, the campus is located in the state of Ohio (Columbus). The university is ranked among the top 30 institutions of higher education in the United States .

The university has an impeccable reputation in the global employers’ market. Of the 39,000 students studying here, about 16% are foreign citizens .

University of Rhode Island

State University in Kingston (Rhode Island) is known for the huge amount of research carried out. Every year URI is heavily funded, making strategic investments in state-of-the-art learning resources and infrastructure.

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The university includes 9 colleges , language programs are offered, 103 undergraduate areas , 78 doctoral and master’s programs . The institution is represented by a multinational community of students, among 14,500 students there are representatives of more than 70 countries of the world.

Temple University Sports University

Philadelphia’s largest university, founded over 130 years ago , has the status of the highest degree of research activity (R1 CCDU). This enables the institution to attract the best teachers who empower students.

More than 37,000 people study in various programs , 150 specializations are offered on the basis of 17 public schools and colleges.

OSU (Oklahoma State University)

The prestigious university was founded in 1890 and offers over 300 programs across 5 campuses and online. Over 35,000 students from 100 countries study at the university . A feature of OSU is an inclusive, vibrant, dynamic community, a high level of education, achievements in scientific research and sustainable development. In the direction of “influence and impact” the institution takes the 8th position in America .

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