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How to moisturize oily skin



We are trying to share with you the most common & logical aspect regarding How to moisturize oily skin. Oily sheen, large pores, inflammation and acne – these are the problems that owners of oily skin often face. But do not dramatize, because with proper care all these troubles can be avoided. And do not forget about the main trump card of this type of skin – it ages very slowly. You will notice the first wrinkles much later than your peers, for example, with dry skin. The main thing is not to neglect effective and regular moisturizing.

Let’s figure out how to maintain moisture balance without increasing oiliness and without weighing down the skin? And how to choose a moisturizer that will reduce the level of sebum, make your face fresh and radiant, and the skin supple and youthful.

Causes of oily skin?

The sebaceous glands are closely associated with the hair follicles and deliver sebum to the surface through the pores. Sebum is a complex mixture of dead cells and lipids. These fats lubricate the skin and protect it from dehydration and environmental damage. Excessive secretion can be linked to many factors such as genetics, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal shifts, pollution, and improper skin care.

Why moisturize oily skin?

Oily and hydrated are two completely different skin conditions. Skin oil is a waxy substance that is secreted to the surface of the skin to maintain its barrier function. Hydration refers to the deeper layers where moisture is absorbed, which makes the skin nourished and supple. Therefore, the skin can be oily on top and absolutely dry inside. Moisturizing controls oil production and reduces the skin’s need to produce more secretions.

Perfect Moisture Formula for Oily Skin

Effective products for oily skin should perform the following functions:

Glitter removal

Look for a product with an active ingredient that manages sebum and fights shine, absorbs excess sebum, leaving the skin matte and velvety. Use creams with a mattifying effect only for day care.

Look for in the composition: mineral salts, minerals of volcanic origin, silicon and zinc salts, kaolin


Excessive cleansing and the use of harsh sebum and acne control products can damage the skin’s barrier function, causing moisture loss. Supplement lost moisture with the right moisturizer.

Look for in the composition: hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, aloe extract, thermal water

Shrink pores and regulate sebum production

Large pores can become clogged, leading to breakouts and breakouts. For a smoother, more refined skin texture, look for a product that reduces pore size and regulates secretions. Use it for night care

Look for in the composition: niacinamide, acids, retinol

Oily facial skin is traditionally considered problematic and is associated with something that needs to be fought, controlled, matted or eliminated. But it just needs to be approached. Proper and regular moisturizing with light and caring products will help to say goodbye forever to problems such as oily sheen, clogged pores and acne.


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