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How to Pass TOEFL Exam?

How to Pass TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL is one of the most popular exams that confirm a good level of knowledge of English as a foreign language. It is taken before entering foreign institutions, for immigration and for work in foreign firms. But since March 2022, it is no longer easy to pass the TOEFL- the organizers of the exam have suspended its conduct, and there is no understanding yet when this situation will change. However, this is not a reason to abandon plans: there are several ways to confirm knowledge of the language even under conditions of restrictions.

How to Pass TOEFL Exam?

What are TOEFL and IELTS and why take them

TOEFL and IELTS are the premier international English language exams. Their results are recognized all over the world, and with the issued certificates one can enter universities, obtain a residence permit and start a career abroad. They differ in that TOEFL is an American English test, and IELTS is a British one , and IELTS is taken on paper.

Also TOEFL is needed in order to:

take training courses abroad;
be able to receive foreign grants and scholarships;
get a work or student visa.

How to pass TOEFL in 2023
Until March 2022, this exam was taken at certified centers or remotely, but at the moment it has become technically impossible, so other options have appeared.

How to get a TOEFL certificate: procedure
The easiest and most affordable way is to take the exam, but in another country. Provided that TOEFL can be taken remotely, this does not violate the procedure in any way, and remains 100% legal. But it is recommended to choose those countries, when entering which are not asked for visas – these are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Egypt, etc.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

Go to the official TOEFL website and find the “Find Test Centers and Dates” section.
Select the appropriate country and city (for example, Almaty ).
Specify the date and time – the options will be shown.
Remit payment.

The difference in cost between countries is negligible. The average price is about $200 .

How to pay for TOEFL from in 2023
The procedure for paying for the exam has also changed. In order for the money to be transferred, a UnionPay card is required. The MIR card is only suitable for taking TOEFL in Armenia , Minsk and Turkey . But if these countries are not suitable for some reason, there are other options:

open a bank account in the selected country, transfer money there and pay;
if possible, ask your friends to pay.
You also need to remember that scammers offer ways to pass TOEFL for free .

Is it possible to take TOEFL online
A classic exam that lasts 4.5 hours is not. But the organizers have left access to the TOEFL iBT Home Edition and Essentials options , although the procedure is still in its infancy.

iBT Home Edition – duration 3 hours, at your home computer, but under the control of a moderator.
Essentials – 1.5 hours, adaptive exam with a gradual complication of questions.
There is also a home version of the GRE, which is intended for those who are busy entering graduate school, master’s or other postgraduate courses abroad.

If it is not possible to leave the country to take the exam, other exam options can be considered. For example, now for such types as:

PTE-A (Pearson Test of English Academic) – such a certificate is recognized at Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other major universities;
Kaplan iBT – the results of this exam are recognized in more than 200 educational institutions, but in order to be able to pass it, you must first study at an international school of the same name;
MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery) and MET (Michigan English Test) – suitable for admission to US universities, primarily to the universities of Michigan and Cambridge;
DET (Duolingo English Test) – this exam is recognized by almost 2000 organizations.
Exam Structure
TOEFL is taken in four areas – reading, speaking, listening and writing. In this case, each block is evaluated separately, and each skill is assigned its own result.

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Includes 3-4 excerpts from scientific literature: it is believed that this level of knowledge is necessary for studying at universities. The passages are accompanied by 10 questions with 4 answer options, but in some cases they may be asked to write down another summary of the texts.

Duration : 54-72 minutes (Essentials 22-33 minutes).

Contains 3-4 audio lectures in English, which are accompanied by 6 questions about their content. The next stage is 2-3 dialogues for listening and answering questions. In the process, you can make notes on paper, but you can listen to the audio only once.

Duration : 41-57 minutes (Essentials 21-34 minutes).

It implies the pronunciation of several answers into the microphone – they will be recorded and then evaluated by the commission. Personal communication with the teacher is not expected. However, the records are saved and sent to universities or companies along with the TOEFL results.

Duration : 17 minutes (Essentials 13 minutes).

Requires two tasks. In the first one, you need to read the text, listen to the recording and answer the questions in writing (on the keyboard). In the second, write an essay of at least 300 words on a given topic, that is, express your personal opinion on some issue.

Duration : 50 minutes (Essentials 25-30 minutes).

How much does it cost to take the TOEFL

The cost of taking the exam in until 2022 was $260. But now the exact amount depends on the country in which he will end up surrendering. Plus, if registration for the exam occurs less than a week before the desired date, a fee of $40 will be added (registration for passing it ends 4 days before the date of the exam).

The total amount includes the TOEFL itself, the determination of the results and their distribution to 4 pre-selected universities. If it is immediately clear that the exam was passed badly, its results can be asked not to be counted, and then they will remain only in the examination center. But the money deposited will not be returned, and within 2 months it will still be possible to restore your results – however, you will also need to pay a commission of $ 20 for this.
How to take TOEFL online
To do this, you need to register on the official website of the ETS organization , and pay for the remote examination using a card from any foreign bank. For example, you can withdraw money to it through a crypto wallet. However , this will be the  iBT Home Edition , and its fixed price for residents today is $ 270 .

How to pass TOEFL in person
This is only possible abroad, and for this you will need to pay for the cost of flight and rental accommodation, as well as current needs. But at the same time, it will be possible to pay for the exam in cash: they can be withdrawn already at local exchange offices.

How to register for the TOEFL
After you have chosen the country where you can go to take the exam, you need to:

Go to the official website of the organizer and find “Find Test Centers and Dates”.
Enter the city in which the exam is planned in the field, and click the “Continue” button.
See empty dates and times that are in the testing centers of this city.
Choose an option and confirm your arrival for TOEFL in Moscow , St. Petersburg or another city.

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Also, when registering, you will need to enter the data of the international passport, which will need to be presented before the start of the exam. The entry will be confirmed immediately after payment.

Is it difficult to pass the TOEFL exam?
It’s easier than taking the SAT exam , and TOEFL preparation often starts between 10th and 11th grade. The training module consists of 68 lessons , and they can be completed in 47-64 days : depending on the level of knowledge at the initial stage.

How to prepare for TOEFL
You can prepare for this exam at home, but the approach to this must be made comprehensive – at the same time study the structure of the test and increase your knowledge.

Learn the structure of the exam
And separately work out each direction – reading, speaking, listening, writing.

Take a trial test
This can be done on the same ETS website where you register for the exam. A trial exam will allow you to see which topics cause the most difficulty and improve them.

Use the right study materials
It is required to use specialized books aimed specifically at preparing for the TOEFL: this will minimize the time spent on finding the necessary information.

Prepare for a 4 hour marathon
To do this, it is recommended to repeat the structure of the exam at home at least once.

Read academic texts
Since TOEFL is primarily an exam for admission to universities, the emphasis is on understanding scientific texts, and it is not worth focusing on modern literature.

Learning to listen to academic texts
To do this, you can listen to podcasts or install a special application on your phone.

Do not get hung up on difficult questions in the part of Reading
Depending on the version of the exam, this part has 30-50 questions , so you do not need to waste time on one intractable question and answer those that still remain.

Don’t be afraid to guess the answers
It is better to check the box in the hope that the answer is correct than to leave a blank.

take notes
This skill will help structure knowledge and will come in handy on the exam itself – for example, when creating a presentation. Notes help improve memory and concentration.

Be able to paraphrase
This will help in cases where you can not remember the exact wording, but you can explain in your own words. Plus will testify to a wide vocabulary.

Minimum TOEFL scores for admission to US universities
Each part of the exam is worth 30 points. And therefore, the maximum is 120 points . Each university has its own passing level – in some institution it is at least 70 points , and in institutions of a higher level – already 110 . But on average, the gradation is as follows:

70-80 points – an unfortunate result with which they will be admitted to some US universities, as well as to preparatory courses for those who want to enroll in a bachelor’s degree there;
80-90 points – the average result with which they are accepted to many universities, as well as to graduate school;
90-100 points – a successful result with which they are accepted to most universities;
100-110 points – the result with which you can enter the Ivy League universities;
110-120 points – the best result, opening the way to any university in the United States.

However, some educational institutions have requirements for certain parts of the TOEFL. For example, even if the total score is 110 points , but 27 points were scored in the speaking section , and the university requires 29 , then the exam will have to be retaken. Or choose another place for yourself.

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What is TOEFL and IELTS
TOEFL and IELTS are popular international exams that have a similar 4-part structure and test English proficiency. But if you need to study in the USA , then TOEFL is suitable – IELTS certificates will not be accepted there.

There are 5 main differences, and it’s impossible to say unequivocally that it’s easier to pass TOEFL or IELTS :

In TOEFL, questions are accompanied by lists of answers from which you need to choose one correct one, and in IELTS you need to write short answers yourself.
TOEFL is taken in computer format, while answers to the IELTS exam are written by hand.
IELTS uses not only academic texts, but also materials from newspapers and magazines, and therefore it is easier to get a good result.
In IELTS, you need to personally communicate with an examination center specialist, and in TOEFL, it is enough to speak oral answers into a microphone. Plus, in IELTS you can pass the oral part a week or a week after the main exam.
The number of required words in an IELTS essay is less.

Learn key phrases for the Writing and Speaking parts
They will definitely come in handy in IELTS or TOEFL , and will help in cases where excitement does not allow you to quickly find the right answer. Each such part has standard phrases with which you can fill in the gaps – including when writing an essay.

Comparing TOEFL with other exams – which is better

Sometimes TOEFL is called an exam for introverts – because it can be passed both remotely and in person, but still at the computer. In the process, there is no need to conduct a dialogue with the examination committee, and the entire oral part is recorded on a microphone. And for the rest of the tasks, a sufficiently large amount of time is provided, which allows you to focus on the tasks themselves and not try to meet the deadline.
I speak English well, why should I prepare?
TOEFL evaluates primarily the perception of academic and scientific texts – they will be studied in the course of study or research. Therefore, speaking does not play a special role in this exam, although it will be important in everyday life.

When to start preparing
If you have basic, school knowledge of the English language – at least 2-3 months.

How to increase your chances of taking the TOEFL
To do this, you can take into account the following recommendations.

Expand your horizons
This will help not only in passing the exam, but also in obtaining education as such.

Take the test simulator as often as possible
In this way, you can reduce the level of excitement and come to the exam with more confidence.

Be prepared for traps
The exam simulator is similar to the main TOEFL test , but does not completely duplicate it.

Expand your vocabulary
Thanks to this, essays and oral responses will be more varied and will receive the highest score.

Learn to take notes
So the acquired knowledge becomes structured, it is easier to restore it in memory.

Think of a plan for detailed answers
With it, it will be possible to quickly complete the oral and written sections of the exam.

It is also worth wearing loose, non-restricting clothing for the face-to-face exam without hats, scarves and other suspicious accessories – they may be asked to remove them to eliminate the chances of cheating. And it is important not to be late, otherwise you will not be allowed to take the exam.

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