What is the Safest State in America?

What is the Safest State in America?

For education, international students often pay attention to safe US states. Parents calmly let the child go to another country, and the applicant calmly joins the educational process. By the way, a favorable atmosphere does not distract from learning, it has a positive effect on the emotional state. We present 9 states in America in which it is best to live and study.

What is the Safest State in America?

TOP safe states in America

State of Maine (Maine)
safest states in the usa

University of Maine in Maine

Maine is one of the safest states in America. It is located in the very east of the continent, it is part of New England (a calm region of the USA). It has a small number of residents, most of whom are ethnic French.

Notably, Maine has the lowest number of police officers per capita. At the same time, crime is at its lowest level. In addition, Maine is perfectly prepared for emergencies, so students, like local residents, feel safe.

In Maine, foreign applicants most often choose the University of Maine.
Vermont (Vermont)
It is one of the smallest but safest states in the US to live in. Like Maine is located in the northeast of the country in New England. There are only 2% of the “colored” population here, which, with a total small number, allows the authorities to maintain order and personal security for each resident. A favorable picture is complemented by a high degree of preparedness for emergencies, but Vermont cannot boast of a good rating for road safety.

In Vermont, most often foreign applicants strive to become students:

University of Vermont;

Northern Vermont to Johnson;

Castleton Institute.

In their free time, they will be able to admire local attractions, which are many in tourist Vermont.
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New Hampshire (New Hampshire)
The “three” of the safest US states included New Hampshire, New England. This is a small industrial state with a predominantly “white” population – 92%, and a critically low crime rate. Besides:

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there is a pleasant climate and good ecology, thanks to which most of the inhabitants can boast of good health;

New Hampshire has a high standard of living in the United States, few unemployed;

low probability of natural disasters – hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes.

Students from other countries are attracted to receive education at the oldest research university – Dartmouth College, which is part of the elite Ivy League.

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Minnesota (Minnesota)
safe states of the usa
University of Minnesota in Minnesota
Quiet northern Minnesota is considered one of the safest states in the United States in terms of crime. Despite the fact that 12% of the inhabitants of the “Land of Ten Thousand Lakes” are blacks and Hispanics, religious principles and a decent standard of living of the population provide order and tranquility.

The most popular and largest educational institution is the University of Minnesota. It has 43 thousand students. This institution of higher education is one of the “five” top universities in the world and in the top 30 universities in America. It is curious that every 8th student is a foreigner, the university has international student and teacher exchange programs.
Utah (Utah)
The picturesque state of Utah is famous for its unique nature, many attractions and charming atmosphere. One of the safest states in America annually attracts not only tourists, but also foreign students. Utah has a low population density, with most of them religious and law-abiding residents.

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There are several higher education institutions in the state where you can get an excellent education:

University of Utah – the largest and most significant institution in the United States;

Brigham Young University – the largest private religious university;

Southern Utah University is a budget educational institution.

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Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Massachusetts)
Another state of New England, which is famous as the largest center of higher education. Innovative technologies are actively developed here in various scientific fields. Massachusetts is not only one of the safest states in the US, this region has always been progressive. Thanks to high education, developed humanism and equality, the death penalty has long been abolished here and slavery has long been banned.

Despite its small size, Massachusetts is considered the intellectual leader of the nation. Thousands of foreign and American students dream of studying at state universities:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology;

Boston University;


Rhode Island (Rhode Island)
safest states in america
Brown University in Rhode Island
Rhode Island is the smallest and safest state in the US. Despite the small area, there are quite a lot of inhabitants. Most of them are religious and only 7% are atheists. More than 50% of the population are women, so it is easy to maintain order in the state.

Rhode Island is very popular with international students. Most often, applicants choose to study:

Brown University is a famous and prestigious university;

Johnson & Wales University – a private university that is gaining popularity;

The University of Rhode Island is a national educational institution.

Washington (Washington)
Washington, as one of the wealthiest and socially liberal states in America, ranks among the safest states in the US to live in. It has a low unemployment rate and a long life expectancy. But when choosing a prosperous Washington for education, it is worth considering that living here is 75% more expensive than in other areas of the country.

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Where to go in Washington DC:

Georgetown University;

Howard University;


American University Washington;

and several dozen popular universities.

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Iowa (Iowa)
“Heart of America”, that’s what they call Iowa, a favorable place to live, including for foreigners who entered the United States. It is ranked among the safest US states in terms of crime and prosperous in terms of economy. Most of the population are whites of various ethnic origins and Christian denominations.

Iowa has three major public higher education institutions:

to study law, medicine and business management, foreign applicants often choose the University of Iowa in Iowa City;

an excellent reputation in the field of engineering was gained by the Ames branch;

University of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls.

In addition to unique educational programs, in Iowa you can visit the largest library, a museum of natural history, as well as an art gallery created on the initiative of a private collector with original works by Picasso, Miro, Matisse.

Moving to another country for education is not an easy and decisive step. And so that the bright student years are not overshadowed by unpleasant situations, choose a safe US state to study. Remember, a calm environment contributes to rapid professional and personal growth, and the absence of stress promotes good health and good mood.

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