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1st Year English Stories Notes

First Year English Stories Notes

English Stores Notes

1- Button Button Short Story Discussion Questions Answers

2- Character Sketch of Arthur in Button Button

3- What is the Theme of the Short Story Button Button

4- Clearing in the Sky Long Question Answers

5- Clearing in the Sky Theme

6- Dark They were and Golden Eyed Discussion Questions Answers

7- Thank You Ma’am Questions and Answers

8- What is the Theme of the Story Thank you Ma’am

9- The Piece of String Questions and Answers

10- The Reward Question Answers

11- I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Questions and Answers

12- I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King Theme

13- The Gift of the Magi Questions and Answers

14- A Mild Attack of Locusts Questions Answers

15- The Gulistan of Saadi Question Answers

16- The Foolish Quack Question Answers

17- The Use of Force by William Carlos Williams Questions and Answers

18- Overcoat by Ghulam Abbas Question Answers

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19- Main idea of Overcoat by Ghulam Abbas

20- The Angel and the Author and Others Question Answers

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