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However, more and more exceptions appear in the world. There is nothing to replace primary and secondary education, except that private kindergartens and schools began to give it. But higher education is losing its former prestige, and often young people prefer to gain knowledge directly in project activities. Many will remember the examples of accomplished entrepreneurs who, back in the last century, exchanged their studies at Harvard for their startup.

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But it is unlikely that this path of Gates, Zuckerberg or Branson can be repeated. It is impossible to count the number of people who quit their studies at the university for the sake of work, but they did not succeed. However, one cannot fail to notice the trend that many cool IT specialists do not have higher education. And on this example, you can make a good guess.

There is a reason for such behavior, and the reason for this is that fundamental education around the world does not correspond to the trends of the time. IT is a relatively new area, and the fundamental education on which applied IT competencies should be built has not changed in any way.

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