Matric English Short Stories Notes

10th Class English Short Stories Notes

10th Stories Notes

Story on Moral Haste Makes Waste

Kindness is a Great Virtue

Story Based on Moral A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

Story on Moral All that Glitters is not Gold

Truth is Evergreen

United we Stand Divided we Fall

A Fair Face may hide a Foul Heart

As you sow so shall you Reap

Pride hath a Fall

Once a liar Always a Liar

It Never pays to overreach yourself

Greed is Curse

A stitch in time saves nine

Union is Strength

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

No Pain No Gain

It is a great virtue to be Helpful

As a result, we decided to slightly change the name of the conference, adding a direct indication of working interests. Now the name of the conference is: “Increasing Intelligence in Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Management”. And it will take place at the end of April.

But this still does not solve the whole problem. It is necessary to build educational activities, and to do this simultaneously with the development and application of the methodology for the creation of SHSM. This is necessary in order to show both the older and younger generations how life skills are created due to the transdisciplines of the intellect stack. And that this life skill will help create various successful systems.

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