English Grammar Notes for Class 9 pdf free Download

English Grammar Notes for 9th Class


1- Dialogues

A Dialogue between a Tailor and a Customer

Dialogue between a Brother and a Sister Concerning Time

Make a Dialogue about Asking and Giving Direction

A Dialogue Between two Students Regarding Prayers

A Dialogue Between a Teacher and a Student who comes Late

2- Letters

Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for his Hospitality during our visit to his House

Write a Letter to your Friend thanking him for the Books he Lent to you

Write a Letter to your Sister thanking her for a Gift

Write a Letter to your Brother advising him to take steps to improve his Health

Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his Mother

Write a letter to your Friend requesting him to lend you some Books

Write a letter to your friend congratulating him on the Marriage of his Sister

Write a Letter to your friend inviting him to spend his Holidays with you

Write a Letter to your Friend congratulating him on his Birthday

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Write a letter to your brother about the importance of the study of science subjects

Write a Letter to your Father Requesting him to Send you some extra Funds for payment of Hostel Dues

3- Comprehension

Comprehension Passages with Answers

4- Translations

Translations Passages

5- Verbs & Preposition

Verbs with Prepositions Exercises

6- Direct & Indirect

Direct and Indirect Narration or Speech Exercises

7-Pairs of Words

Pair of Words with Urdu Meaning & Sentences

8- Rearrange the Sentences

Rearrange the Sentence



The acquisition of new knowledge and skills is a matter of your success and professional relevance.

1. In today’s world, everything is changing rapidly, so even a highly qualified specialist needs to constantly complete his studies in order to meet the current level of knowledge and technology. Having an additional diploma has a positive effect on your career development and salary level.

2. There are so many people wishing to get higher education in our country that the number of universities has increased several times over the past 15-20 years. And not only young people study, but even those who are over 30, 40 and even over 50.
Educational level makes it possible not only to extend the period of active life, to train memory, but also to maintain an “educated” circle of friends and acquaintances – it is no secret that in most cases educated people, as a rule, have a higher standard of living.

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3. In the life of an adult, there comes a moment when you want to change “everything at once”: work, family, friends … Education is also a good alternative to all the destructive tendencies of the age crisis. A new communication environment, new knowledge, career prospects and the realization of creative potential gives new impetus and promotes

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