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9th & 10th Class Physics Notes pdf free Download

10th Class Physics Notes pdf

1- Class 10 Physics Chapter 1 Notes

2- Class 10 Physics Chapter 2 Notes

3- Class 10 Physics Chapter 3 Notes

4- Class 10 Physics Chapter 4 Notes

5- Class 10 Physics Chapter 5 Notes

6- Class 10 Physics Chapter 6 Notes

7- Class 10 Physics Chapter 7 Notes

8- Class 10 Physics Chapter 8 Notes

9- Class 10 Physics Chapter 9 Notes

10- Class 10 Physics Chapter 10 Notes

11- Class 10 Physics Chapter 11 Notes

12- Class 10 Physics Chapter 12 Notes

13- Class 10 Physics Chapter 13 Notes

14- Class 10 Physics Chapter 14 Notes

15- Class 10 Physics Chapter 15 Notes

16- Class 10 Physics Chapter 16 Notes

17- Class 10 Physics Chapter 17 Notes

18- Class 10 Physics Chapter 18 Notes

19- Class 10 Physics Chapter 19 Notes

IMP Short Questions

1- Definition of Physics in English

2- What are the Branches of Physics with Definition

3- Contribution of Muslim Scientists in the Field of Physics

4- Definition of Meter in Physics

5- Definition of Length in Physics

6- Definition of Kilogram in Physics

7- Definition of Second in Physics

8- What are Scalar Quantities in Physics

9- What are Vector Quantities in Physics

10- What are the differences Between Scalars and Vectors

11- What is Head to Tail Rule in Physics

12- What is the Definition of Kinematics in Physics

13- What is Motion in Physics

14- Types of Motion in Physics for Class 10

15- What is Rest Position in Physics

16- Definition of Speed in Physics

17- Kinds of Speed in Physics

18- What is Velocity in Physics

19- Different Types of Velocity in Physics

20- What is Acceleration in Physics and its Formula

21- What is Equation of Motion in Physics

22- What is First Equation of Motion

23- What is Second Equation of Motion

24- What is Third Equation of Motion

25- What is Inertia in Physics

26- What is Newton’s First Law of Motion in Physics

27- What is Newton’s Second Law of Motion in Physics

28- What is Weight in Physics

29- Difference between Mass and Weight in Physics

30- What is Newton’s Third Law of Physics

31- What is the Law of Conservation of Momentum Definition

32- What is Friction in Physics

33- What are the Causes of Friction

34- Advantages and Disadvantages of Friction in Physics

35- Methods of Reducing Friction in Physics

36- What is Law of Friction in Physics

37- What is Rolling Friction Definition

38- What is Resultant Force in Physics

39- What is Moment Arm in Physics

40- What is Torque & its Formula in Physics

41- What is the Definition of Center of Gravity in Physics

42- What is Equilibrium in Physics

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43- What is the First Condition of Equilibrium

44- What is the Second Condition of Equilibrium

45- What are the Three States of Equilibrium

46- What is the Definition of Centripetal Force in Physics

47- What is Centrifugal Force in Physics

48- Difference between Centripetal Force and Centrifugal Force in Physics

49- What is Law of Universal Gravitation in Physics

50- What is the Definition of Work Done in Physics

51- What is the Definition of Energy in Physics

52- What is the definition of Power in Physics

53- What is the Definition of Potential Energy in Physics

54- What is the Definition of Kinetic Energy in Physics

55- What is the Definition of Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy

56- What is Law of Conservation of Energy in Physics

57- What is the Meaning of Elasticity in Physics

58- What is Hooke’s Law in Physics

59- What is a Machine in Physics

60- What is the Definition of Lever in Physics

61- What is the Principle of the Lever in Physics

62- What are the Three Kinds of Levers

63- Definition of Inclined Plane in Physics

64- What is a Pulley System in Physics

65- Simple Definition of Pressure in Physics

66- Definition of Liquid Pressure in Physics

67-What is Atmospheric Pressure in Physics

68- What is Gas Pressure in Physics

69- Definition of Pascal’s Principle in Physics

70- Defined Archimedes Principle

71- What is Matter in Physics

72- What is Meant by Kinetic Molecular Theory of Matter

73- What is Brownian Motion in term of Physics

74- What are the States of Matter in Physics

75- Definition of Elasticity in Physics

76- What is Elastic Behavior and Molecular Theory

77- What is Stress in Physics Terms

78- What are the Different Types of Stress in Physics

79- What is Strain in Physics

80- What is the Difference between Stress and Strain in Physics

81- What are the Types of Strain in Physics

82- What is Hooke’s Law of Elasticity in Physics

83- What is Internal Energy of a Body in Physics

84- Definition of Joule in Physics

85- Definition of Calorie in Physics

86- What is British Thermal Unit in Physics

87- Difference between Heat and Temperature in Physics

88- What is Thermal Expansion in Physics

89- What is meant by Thermal Expansion of Solid in Physics

90- What is Boyle’s Law in Physics

91- What is Charles Law in Physics

92- What is Charles Law and Boyle’s Law in Physics

93- What is Pressure Law in Physics

94- What is Thermometer and its Types

95- Three Methods of Heat Transfer in Physics

96- What is a Bi-metal stem Thermometer

97- What is the Law of Heat Exchange in Physics

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98- What is a Wave in Physics Terms

99- What is Wave Motion in Physics

100- What is Sound in Physics Definition

101- What is Propagation of Sound Waves in Physics

102- What are the Characteristics of Sound define them

103- What is Meant by Pitch in Physics

104- What Factors affect the Pitch of Sound Produced

105- Difference between Longitudinal and Transverse Waves

106- What is the Meaning of Vibration in Physics

107- What is Meant by Time Period in Physics

108- What is Meant by Frequency in Physics

109- What is Musical Sound in Physics

110- What is Simple Harmonic Motion in Physics

111- What is Resonance in Physics

112- What is Reflection of Light in Physics

113- What are the two Laws of Reflection of Light in Physics

114- What are the two Types of Reflection of Light in Physics

115- What is Spherical Mirror in Physics

116- Describe different types of Spherical Mirrors

117- Uses of Spherical Mirrors in Physics

118- What is Refraction of Light in Physics

119- What are the Laws of Refraction of Light

120- What is the Definition of Refractive index in Physics

121- What is Snell’s Law Definition in Physics

122- What is the Meaning of Prism in Physics

123- What are Lenses and its Types in Physics

124- Difference between Real image and Virtual image Physics

125- Define Newton Corpuscular Theory of Light

126- Huygens Wave Theory of Light Definition

127- Max Plank Quantum Theory Definition

128- How a Rainbow is formed Physics

129- What is Spectrum of Light Definition

130- What is the definition of Electromagnetic Spectrum in Physics

131- What is Dual Nature of Light in Physics

132- What is Dispersion of Light in Physics

133- Definition of Photons in Physics

134- What are Insulators in Physics

135- What are Conductors in Physics

136- What are Semiconductors in Physics

137- What is Dielectric in Physics

138- What is Force of Attraction in Physics

139- What is Force of Repulsion in Physics

140- What is Equivalent Resistance in Physics

141- What is Direct Current in Physics

142- What is Alternating Current in Physics

143- What is Conventional Current in Physics

144- What is Electric Circuit in Physics

145- What is Electrostatic Induction in Physics

146- What is Gold Leaf Electroscope how does it works

147- What is Electrostatic Potential in Physics

148- What is a Capacitor and how does it work

149-Difference between Capacitor and Capacitance

150- What is Farad in Physics

151- What is Electromotive Force in Physics

152- What is Electric Current in Physics

153- What is ohm’s law definition in Physics

154- Difference between AC and DC Current in Physics

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155- Difference between Resistance and Conductance in Physics

156- What is Magnet in Physics Definition

157- What are Non Magnetic Substances

158- What are Ferromagnetic Substances

159- What is Magnetic Field in Physics

160- What are the Methods of Making Magnet

161- What are Methods of Demagnetization

162- What is Right Hand Rule in Physics

163- What is Solenoid in Physics

164- What is Electromagnet in Physics

165- What is Electric Bell & how it works

166- What is meant by Fleming’s Left Hand Rule

167- What is Galvanometer & its use in Physics

168- What is Ammeter in Physics

169- What is Voltmeter and How to use it

170- What is Electronics in Physics

171- What is Semiconductor in Physics

172- What are p type and n type Materials

173- What is Diode in Physics

174- What is Forward Bias and Reverse Bias in Physics

175- What is Rectification in Physics

176- What is Rectifier in Electronics

177- What is Transistor in Physics

178- What are npn and pnp transistors in Physics

179- What is Telegraph and How it works

180- What is Radio and How it works

181- What is Radar and How does it work

182- What is a Telephone and How does it work

183- How does TV Camera work in Physics

184- What is Nuclear Physics

185- What is Radioactivity in Physics

186- What are the Properties of Alpha Particles in Physics

187- What are the Properties of Beta Particles in Physics

188- What are the Properties of Gamma Rays in Physics

189- What is Chain Reaction in Physics

190- What is Nuclear Reactor in Physics

191- What is Nuclear Fusion in Physics

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